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LanguageAbyssin language[1]
Average Height1.7 - 2.1 meters[1]
Skin colorGreenish tan[1]
Hair colorBrown, white[1]
DistinctionsSingle eye, regenerative abilities[1]
Average lifespan300 years[1]
Known MembersList of known Abyssins

The Abyssin are an humanoid race native to the planet Byss in the Deep Core Security Zone. Abyssin only have a single, slitted eyes which has twin lenses to give them some sense of depth perception. They have greenish-tan skin, long limbs and are about two meters tall. Mostly a nomadic race living on the desert planet Byss, their are often referred to as violent or primitive and hired as small-time thugs by Bounty Hunters or Mercenaries. Derogatory, they are sometimes referred to as "monocs", "One-Eyes" or "Cyclops"[1]

Biology and Appearance

An Abyssin's one eye up close

They are tall humanoids with long, well-muscled limbs and a single, slitted eye. The eye of the Abyssin has twin lenses and dual focal planes, which allows the Abyssin some measure of depth perception. They have incredible regenerative ability, and actually consume their own body mass and rebuild cells. An average Abyssin body cell is replaced every 80 hours. Many of the normal organs found in pairs in other races are singular in the Abyssin, but can be regenerated if injured.[2]

Their hands end in sharp claws and give them the look of violent creatures that some people see.[1] Although Abyssin can live to be over 300 years in age, their ability to regenerate gradually decreases. Those Abyssin who can no longer regenerate themselves usually walk into the desert and die. Those that refuse to die are ritually stoned by younger Abyssin.[2]

Society and Culture

As a nomadic race, with no substantial exports, they have been relatively isolated from society. The primary visitors to the planet are slavers who come to export the Abyssin themselves. When two tribes of Abyssin meet, they will either enter into a Trade (if water and food are plentiful, gaunts, weapons, or young are exchanged) or a Blooding (a fight to the death for water rights).[1]

Examples of Abyssin names included Anami, Easym, Mador, and Polcyc.[1]