Acria Xinge

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Acria Xinge Dur'aak
Acria Larkin Portrait.png
Biographical Information
Race Alderaanian[1]
Homeworld Yumfla (Suarbi System)
Mother Isaard Xinge
Father Donovan Xinge
Spouse Aves Larkin (divorced)
Tholin Dur`aak (estranged)
Siblings Aaron Vandrean (deceased)
Jacob Aves Xinge (deceased)
Children Anakin and Avalon Larkin
Born 20-30 years ago
Physical Description
Gender Female
Height 1.75 meters
Weight 135 lbs
Coloring Dark Brown hair
Pale skin
Eye Color Hazel
Political Information
Prior Affiliation Rebel Alliance (Year 1)
Falleen Federation (Year 3)
Black Sun (Year 3)
Awards Order of the Rebel Alliance[2]

Lady Acria Xinge Dur'aak — formerly known as Acria Larkin — is a female Alderaanian[1] and was the High Ambassador of the Rebel Alliance circa Year 1.[3] During her time as the diplomatic commander, she secured many agreements with other governments to help the Alliance and the galaxy as a whole. Due to her hard work, the Rebel Alliance became stronger and she was named a Member of the Order of the Rebel Alliance.

Two years later, she served as a member of the Falleen Federation government and as a Vigo in the Black Sun Trading organization during the reign of Prince Qel Dar until her capture by the Hutt Council.[4] She and her husband, Aves Larkin, later resigned from the Falleen Federation on Year 3 Day 354.[5] Some time after her divorce from Aves, she married Prince Tholin Dur`aak, with whom she had worked in the Falleen Federation and Black Sun.



Born on the planet Yumfla, Acria was the first child of Donovan Xinge, heir to the Yumflan throne. Yumflan princes and princesses had childhoods of comfort but they were by no means spoiled. Particularly if they were heirs to the throne, they had to study diplomacy, and many became Jedi.

Yumfla was a peaceful society which rarely became involved in wars concerning the rest of the galaxy. The people of Yumfla were generally happy, and the royal family were not detached from the rest of the society, but instead lived within the society, almost like any other Yumflan family.

The family was very close, and crises were few and far between. This all changed when Yumfla was invaded by the Sith Lord Darth Zool and his horde, the Circle of the Sith, a couple of months after Acria's birth. Donovan, now a Jedi Knight, and two other Jedi were sent to investigate and were ambushed. Donovan was forced to abandon Yumfla, his wife, his baby daughter, and the Jedi, and join the Circle of the Sith. The rest of the royal family were killed, except for the infant Acria, who was hidden in the Palace gardens by her mother. The major cities were destroyed and the Yumflan people not in major cities were infected with the lethal DeathSeed.

As word of the destruction of the prosperous Yumfla filtered through the galaxy many bounty hunters were attracted to the fallen world. One of these bounty hunters was Tukspir, a man in his 40s, forced to bounty hunting due to exile from his home planet after being wrongly convicted of fraud. He had been raining as a Jedi when this conviction took place, and senses weakly the presence of another force-sensitive being in the Palace garden as he meandered through it. This was how he came across Acria, sleeping beneath the flowering tree of the Yumflan Oraq, wrapped in a blue blanket bearing the emblem of the Xinge family.

Knowing that none else of her family lived still, and unaware of Donovan's fate, Tukspir took the small infant, only a couple of months old, disposed of the blanket and went back to his ship. From that point he continued his life as an unwilling bounty hunter, raising Acria but never letting her believe he was her father.

As Acria grew up she came to resemble her mother closely, and was trained by Tukspir in the Jedi arts as best he could, teaching her also diplomacy. They became almost like father and daughter, which made Tukspir's death one of the most devastating events in Acria's life. Soon after her 18th birthday as they were bringing their ship in to land, Acria and Tukspir were fired upon by an unknown assailant. The ship crashed to the ground and Tukspir was killed on impact. After a few days of drifting in and out of consciousness, and accepting that she was now alone, Acria gathered her belongings, buried Tukspir, and set forth on life on her own.[6]

Black Sun

Main article: Black Sun

Circa Year 3, Acria served as a Vigo in Dark Prince Qel Dar's Black Sun crime syndicate. On Year 3 Day 240, Qel Dar dispatched Acria to coerce several trading companies into commerce agreements with Black Sun. Larkin was captured by operatives of Angobba Desilijic Lucar's Hutt Council. Larkin's past as a Rebel officer was widely known, and hence the Hutts extradited her to Emperor Charon's Galactic Empire for a substantial reward.[7] As the morning sun rose above the planet of Taanab on Year 3 Day 243, Director Matrel Byden of the Imperial Security Bureau and a formation of stormtroopers waited on the landing platform to receive the captured Larkin. As shuttle's ramp dropped, Larkin with two Weequay warriors on either side of her appeared descending down the ramp, closely followed by Ollo Shan, a notorious Hutt. Byden handed a credit chip to one of the Weequay escorts. Ollo knew better than to ask to see the chip and stated in Huttese, "Director, please tell the Emperor that the Hutt Council was honored to be of service." Byden nodded and the prisoner transfer was successfully completed.[4]

Knowing the Hutt Council was a proxy of the Empire, the shrewd Qel Dar dispatched the seductive Dark Princess Krystal as a diplomatic envoy in order to plead their case before Emperor Charon.[8] Krystal's mission was a success and, in a secret pact, Charon promised to spare Larkin's life. On Year 3 Day 252, Acria Larkin was tried and sentenced on Coruscant. Surrounded by stormtroopers and bound in stun cuffs, Larkin was brought before an Imperial magistrate. Pleading "guilty to all charges," Larkin was sentenced to incarceration in the Ghorman System Penitentiary.[9] In retaliation, Qel Dar ordered the public assassination of a Hutt on Tatooine. The Hutt had registered in the hotel as a guest but when the morning service arrived its body was found in the suite with two blaster burns in the back of its head. The sole clue to the gangland-style killing was the lack of eyes in the large creature, an old criminal mark meant to show that greed was the cause of death. The Hutt's death was intended to serve as an unmistakable message to the Hutt Council.[10]

Meanwhile, Acria Larkin served her prison sentence in an Imperial penitentiary and was released. Worse than the physical hardship of her captivity, her capture by the Hutts had brought her status as a Black Sun agent before the eye of the galaxy. This increased public scrutiny had a negative impact on the career of her husband, Aves Larkin, who was the Lord Seneschal and Regent of the Falleen Federation. Denounced as Black Sun spies by their Falleen comrades, Aves and Acria both resigned from the Falleen Federation.[11] On Year 4 Day 40, galactic tabloids revealed that Kosh Naranek, the virile regent of Black Sun, was involved in a torrid affair with Acria. Only hours upon hearing confirmation of the news, Syn — Naranek's wife of nine months and a Commander in the Imperial Navy — obtained an annulment from government officials and invalidated their marriage.[12] Three days later, Aves Larkin disappeared. A mysterious note allegedly penned by Aves cited his crumbling marriage and his wife Acria's infidelities as the primary reasons for his disappearance.[13]


  • Race: Human
  • Sex: Female
  • Age: 20 years
  • Homeworld:
  • Weapons: Violet lightsaber and a blaster pistol.
  • Height: 5'9"
  • Weight: 135 lbs
  • Personality: Affectionate, stubborn, sensitive, bossy, overemotional.
  • Marital Status: Married (estranged)
  • Father: Donovan Xinge
  • Mother: Isaard Xinge
  • Siblings: Aaron Vandrean and Jacob Aves Xinge (d)
  • Children: Anakin and Avalon Marie Larkin
  • Associates: Amber Sunstorm, Mayem McCormick, Ravyn Nightblade, Thrallon Yairg, Liv Twinnforcer, India Sedi, Jaina Solo, Kyp Durron, Sira Deimo, Talon Deimo, Rall Mekin, Elizabeth Bathory, Lucrenather Maiaren, DemonLord Darkstar, Lady Arrianna Darkstar, Wicket, Tholin Dur`aak

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