Aeternal Conclave

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Aeternal Conclave
Biographical Information
Race Thyferran
Homeworld Thyferra
Physical Description
Gender Male
Political Information
Affiliation New Republic
Prior Affiliation BlasTech, Sorosuub Corporation
Awards Group Commander's Citation, Long Standing Meritorious Service Award

Aeternal was born and raised on Thyferra. Born to a loving mother and father killed in an interplanetary civil war shortly after his birth, he sought adventure early in his life. Starting out as a simple pilot running logistics for a small weapons manufacturer, Aeternal joined the local military forces after BlasTech went under due to unfortunate circumstances. As a member of the Sorosuub naval forces, Aeternal gained the discipline and leadership needed to rise quickly through the ranks. Within months, he had been promoted to the rank of Lieutenant, Junior Grade. Just after his promotion, Sorosuub Corporation merged with the Rebel Alliance to create the New Republic, a government dedicated to freedom and a republic system of government.

Once the merger dust settled, Aeternal found himself assigned to the newly formed New Republic Army as a Colonel and Army's Executive Officer of a Battlegroup. While performing his duties as a Colonel, Aeternal learned hands-on about construction, tax planets, and advanced city design concepts. He then used his knowledge to create the first Advanced City Design Course for the New Republic Academy. Aeternal proceeded to become the first instructor of the newly written Advanced City Design Course. In addition, Aeternal joined the Ambassadors for Rollicking and Good Humor (ARGH) as a morale officer.

Aeternal was quickly noticed for his dedication to the Republic and the hard work for his Battlegroup and was promoted to Brigadier General upon his taking the post of Army Commanding Officer for his Battlegroup. After several months of distinguished service in the New Republic Army, Aeternal ran for the newly-formed New Republic Senate. After losing the race by only a few votes, Aeternal was inducted into the Senate due to the absence of several new members of the senate. From that day, Aeternal was in the New Republic Senate for a total of seven sessions, winning reelection three more times before stepping down.

Given the opportunity, Aeternal left his position in the Army for something new and different - the civilian side of the New Republic. Aeternal was offered the position of Second-in-Command of the largest weapons producer in the galaxy - NeuroSaav Technologies. Aeternal jumped at the opportunity. After a few months service with NeuroSaav, the three largest weapons production factions in the New Republic joined together to form Merr-Sonn Technologies, now one of the galaxies largest manufacturing groups. Due to different issues, the other officers stepped down, leaving Aeternal the Chief Executive Officer of Merr-Sonn Technologies.