Akheton Corporation

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Akheton Corporation
General Information
Status Inactive
Leader Rael sul C`an
2IC Xian Kan
Owner Rael sul C`an
Historical Information
Founded Year 5 Day 98
Political Information
Affiliation Galactic Concordiate
Industry Ship Manufacturer
Holosite Akheton Corporation


Akheton Corporation is one of the few corporations whose aim is not to supply a government, but to make its services available to anyone who requires them. Since its creation in the second quarter of Year 5, the corporation has worked hard, first to provide raw materials, and later, vehicles, to anyone who required them. Akheton's goal was to do so quickly, efficiently and with the greatest economy.

Akheton works without prejudice towards any race, creed or political alignment, following their founder's belief that "...everyone is a potential customer." The corporation's strict neutrality and business ethics along with it's constant expansion and high sales output have pushed this corporation to the front lines of industry as one of the few truly competent production companies in the galaxy.


Akheton Corporation is credited with rebuilding the economy of Naboo after the death of its last monarch. In gratitude, the citizenry ennobled Akheton's senior staff and crowned then-CEO Jenos Idanian king.

Corporate Structure


Founder - Blackk

CEO - Rael sul C`an, previously Tabty Haazsa

Akheton Vehicle Corporation

President - Xian Kan, previously Tabty Haasza

Akheton Mining Corporation

President - Cyal Knight

Akheton Cosmonautic Corporation Closed

President - Rael sul C`an, previously Lee Cunningham

Akheton Medical ServicesClosed

President - Tabty Haasza