Akk Dog

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Akk Dog
Akk dog.jpg
Biographical Information
Class Pack
Species Mammalian
Rarity 0
Homeworld Zonama Sekot
Size Large
Base HP 550
Maximum Range 2
Minimum Damage 65
Maximum Damage 85
Additional Information
Spawn Terrain Grassland, Forest
Terrain Restrictions {{{restrict}}}
Skills Strength: 2, Dexterity: 3, Speed: 1, Dodge: 1, Perception: 3

The akk dog, also simply known as an akk, is a large reptomammal originating from the jungles and grasslands of Haruun Kal in the Mid-Rim. They are predators with a pack mentality that are highly attuned to the natural flow of the Force. Their connection allows them to be more organized and therefore far more deadly than they would be otherwise. This trait, combined with a nearly impenetrable hide and powerful jaws, makes the akk a peerless hunter in the jungles and grasslands of their homeworld.

Anatomy and Biology

As a reptomammal, the akk possesses traits belonging to both reptiles and mammals. Like mammals they are warm-blooded and capable of live birth. Though the akk dogs physical appearance and their scaly, armored hide are traits often found in reptilian species. While the akk dog typically grows anywhere from nine to eleven meters long and stands roughly three meters tall when they have fully matured, they have been known to grow even larger when an ample food supply is available. Due to their size, musculature and their dense hide the average weight for a healthy akk is typically between one to two tons.

Akk dogs can be identified by their scaly, armored hide with short, bone spikes protruding from the vestigial horns on their forehead to the tip of their heavily armored and muscular tails. Their hides range in color from red to reddish-brown and are virtually impenetrable. Their dense hides are capable of withstanding any energy-based weapon, including being able to resist the destructive capabilities of a lightsaber. However, despite having a durable hide, the akk is vulnerable to significant concussive forces, which can cause irreparable damage to their internal organs.

The akk dog is a truly dangerous adversary due to the unique composition of their teeth and claws, as well as possessing the immense physical strength to utilize them effectively. An akks mouth is lined with pointed, razor-sharp teeth and with its jaw strength it can apply enough pressure to crush durasteel plating. This combined with foot-long claws adorning their splay-toed feet allows them to rend earth or flesh with equal ease.


All akk dogs are naturally attuned to the flow of the Force which, when combined with their pack mentality, creates powerful force bonds among the members of the pack. This bond allows members of the pack to share thoughts and emotions with each other allowing them to be more organized and being able to operate more efficiently as a pack.

Due to their bonds being grounded in the Force, it is quite possible for practitioners of the Force to create such bonds with akk dogs. This allows the Force-practitioner to share their emotions with the akk dog and they with them. For especially powerful Force users, temporarily taking and controlling the bonds of akks is possible, though difficult. It should be noted that the emotions shared are potent and either individual can be overcome by the sheer amount of emotion; as pain, anger, fear and grief are shared by those that are bonded during times of distress. Nevertheless, more pleasant emotions are also shared through the bond. Such a bond creates a partnership where both the akk and its partner is willing to sacrifice their lives for each other. Should a sentient being that has bonded with an akk die, it has been known for the akk to go insane and become a violent threat.

The akk dog, like many living entities, is a social creature and thrives the most when interacting with others of its kind or with Force-practitioners that they have formed a bond with. Akks identify each other by scent as well as by utilizing their Force-touch, which is often described as a stinging sensation by Force users. As each individuals scent and touch is unique, it allows the akk to identify those that they should protect and those they should attack. Most packs consist of three akks, though larger groups are not uncommon especially when domesticated, with the dominant akk being considered the leader of the pack. Among domesticated akks the dominant one is typically a sentient being, force-sensitive or otherwise, though among wild akks a sentient being becoming the dominant one is quite rare, though still possible.


As they are carnivores, the diet of an akk dog consists primarily of large amounts of fresh meat. On their native planet of Haruun Kal their primary source are tuskers, a pig-like mammal weighing several hundred kilos, and grassers, a massive domesticated herbivore weighing several tons. Away from their native planet the akk dog typically hunts any creature they can kill, which can even include unwary sentient beings. Those that wish to domesticate an akk dog usually use large amounts of nerf meat as a substitute for live prey, as it can be easily acquired in the necessary amounts throughout the galaxy. However, due to their nature an akk does prefer live prey and enjoys the act of the hunt.


Akk dogs are a unique species that originally could only be found on their homeworld of Haruun Kal. That changed when their ability to create powerful bonds through the force with each other and with practitioners of the Force was discovered. They were soon domesticated and bonded with force-users; to be used during the many battles between practitioners of the Force. Later, smugglers and opportunists took advantage of the troubled times and exported akk dogs from Haruun Kal en masse to be sold as beasts of war, as guards or for sport among those that could purchase them. Now, due to these events, akk dogs call many places their home throughout the galaxy, though they are still mostly found within the jungles and grasslands of these planets.


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