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General information
Usage Bacta
W / V (T/m3) 2.000/1
Rarity Rate 60
Price 1885
Description Small7.gif

Alazhi is a bacteria that grows quickly on the xoorzi fungus, a plant that thrives in tropical areas. It is very common for farms to be constructed in these areas to grow and gather the bacteria. It is a key ingredient in bacta production.

Terrain ForestJungle

Alazhi is a bacterial excretment of the xoorzi fungus[1][2]. This fungus thrives in jungles and forests and is used as a medium to grow alazhi in large farms[3]. Alazhi is a primary ingredient in the production of bacta, a healing solution capable of healing near-fatal wounds in less than a day.


Native to the planet Thyferra, the unique properties of the alazhi bacteria were discovered by the Vratix, a race of insectoid sentients also native to Thyferra. After learning the adequate environments in which the xoorzi fungus grows, alazhi-farmers created machines able to detect the presence of and gather alazhi bacteria. Dubbing them alazhixazha, a Vratix word loosely translated to "[alazhi] thriving season", the race searched far and wide for alazhi deposits around their world for them to farm. The Vratix also found that they excreted a less-potent form of alazhi[1][4]. Later, once Human immigrants arrived on Thyferra, the alazhixazha was produced en masse by Xucphra Corporation and Zaltin Corporation in order to scout the entire planet's forests and jungles.

Once areas all over the planet were discovered to have alazhi, the companies constructed giant farms of xoorzi fungus and began to grow alazhi for commercial use and large-scale bacta synthesis. Wishing to expand their business offworld, the the companies discovered ways to grow and xoorzi fungus on other planets. Current technology allows for almost any planet to grow xoorzi fungus, just so long as it has the proper terrain.


The alazhi bacteria is one of the two main ingredients in bacta (the other being kavam[5]). It is odorless and tasteless and, when grown in the wild, varies in its potency based on its environment. However, due to the industrialization of alazhi-growing and the desire for uniformity and consistency in the quality of their products, medical companies have developed a farming technique that keeps each crop consistent in potency. For this reason, alazhi produced from a Vratix's bodily processes is useless to bacta-makers.

Due to its heavy contribution to the healing properties of bacta, unprocessed alazhi has been utilized in energy bars, salad dressings, and even exotic cocktails.