Alexander von Ismay

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Count Alexander "Lex" Lucius von Ismay I
Biographical Information
Race Mirialan
Homeworld Hapes
Mother Kayla Varrus
Father Victor von Ismay
Siblings House Ismay
Died Year 18 Day 43
Physical Description
Gender Male
Eye Color Sulfuric Yellow
Political Information
  • Production Mogul
  • Patriarch of the Great House Ismay (Hereditary)
  • Prince-Exile Anzatan Commonwealth (Hereditary)
  • Count of Belmont, Coruscant (Hereditary)
  • Intergalactic Socialite (Lifestyle)
  • Vicar of Ryll (Lifestyle)
  • Archbishop of Sin
Prior Affiliation
"Family Sustains Us. Honour Drives Us. Profit Motivates Us.."
— Dark Prince Alexander von Ismay, Year 16 Day 305

Count Alexander von Ismay, sometimes known under the nom de guerre Lucius Varrus, is a controversial Galactic Socialite. Practicing his beliefs in a hedonistic lifestyle, he is usually under the influence of ryll or other mind altering spices. The second youngest of Imperial Moff Victor von Ismay's legitimate offspring, he is the fraternal twin brother to Sydney von Ismay and Arianna von Ismay. Alexander recently served as Vigo over Industry and Infrastructure as well as overseeing operations in White Star and Hyrotii Corporation, before being named the former Underlord of Black Sun. Alexander served as Vigo of the Interior after naming Jeor Knight as his successor in Year 17.

Growing up Ismay

Born into a life of wealth and power, Alexander and his sister Sydney were provided with the finest things money could provide the two of them (from their Mother). Growing up in the shadows of his older half-brothers, Alexander avoided the political lifestyle to which most of his half-brothers took. He studied the inner workings of business, manufacturing and medicine – something his siblings seemed to feel was beneath them. His father Victor was not a fan of Alexander doing so, and strived to push him to be in politics, even going to the extremes of sending him off to a Kuati Boarding School to learn the Laws of the Galaxy. However, unknown to his father, Alexander enrolled in the Kuati School of Medicine, where he would graduate with a Medical Degree and a lengthy internship as a surgeon.

While at the school, Alexander learned the perks of growing up Ismay for the first time. His family name opened many doors full of a cornucopia of sin and vice. Here in school, he got his first taste of the sweet allure of ryll, to which he would slowly develop a serious addiction which would later consume his being. His first encounter with ryll occurred at a party on board a Horizon Star Yacht. The son of a wealthy ship builder took the yacht out while his parents were away at an annual meeting at Fondor. Despite the fun that was had, the party was busted by System Customs, and the only one to escape with no repercussions was Alexander. This was a revolutionary moment for him. He realized then just how much it paid to be an Ismay.

It was at this time that he also found he enjoyed the company of others – sexually. Being seen with a new fling every other day of the week. Once even spending the night with the daughter of the Dean of Kauti University. A close friend of his during school said "Some people collect stamps, but Lex collects girls." A girl who spent a few nights with him said that she remembers him being a pick-up artist. "He was smooth and confident, but respectful too. He was never rude, not once." He got the humorous nickname "Man of a Million Women". Alex always said that during this time he had no intention of marrying, but those close to him said he spent more time with one Zeltron than any other woman.

Death of his Brothers

Young lex.jpg

School had been tougher for him than it might have been. He realized he spent all of him time partying and hadn't taken his education seriously. For the last year of school he buckled down and completed his final year with flawless grades, and even a flawless record. While studying in his final days at Kuati Prep, Alexander learned of the assassination of his brother - Vlademar – at the command of his eldest brother Wilhelm. Backstabbing and power struggles in the family were not uncommon, but this was the first time a sibling had spilled family blood. His world was shaken to its very core.

While the other siblings cut themselves off from Wilhelm, Alexander sought to talk to him to understand why. Wilhelm lied to the young Lex and told him how corrupt Vlademar had become, and how if anyone was to remove him from power it had to be Wilhelm. He told him of the entire operation. A small strike team of Defels were sent into Vlademar's estate and flawlessly executed him in his sleep. He had no wife or children, and all the mansion employees had retreated to their homes for the night. Despite mourning the loss of a family member, Alex understood the reasoning behind the plot, and eventually forgave his brother for such an act.

Upon graduation, Wilhelm invited Alexander to serve in the Anzatan Commonwealth as a Minister of Culture. Culture and Civilizations had always been fascinating to Alexander, so he took him up on the offer. At this time, Alex was sent off to dozens of different worlds within the Commonwealth to learn of their culture and bring some of it back to Anzat. The realization came to him that Wilhelm had only given him this position as show. Wilhelm cared not for the culture of other civilizations, he simply wanted it to seem as though he did. He continued to visit worlds, but he no longer reported his findings back to the Privy Council. Alex began to learn the truth, little by little.

A plan was in the making for Wilhelm to fall, and in his place Lex would rise. While on his trips as the Minister of Culture, Lex gathered a small band of mercenaries to assassinate Wilhelm. Only the best in their fields were hired. The main hurdle in the conspiracy was the revamped security that Wilhelm had added to Vlademar's estate after he took over. Twice as much security personnel paraded the property than ever before. On the eve of Wilhelm's birthday, the group of six insurgents slipped into the main building, north wing. By sunrise Alexander had learned that the operation was a success, and quickly hired a slicer to begin spreading the news across the Anzati HoloNet. A member of the hired mercenaries let it slip just who hired them, and word spread even quicker that the assassination had happened within the family. Alexander soon found himself on the run, and the only people who thought him innocent were those in House Ismay.

Contemplating lex.gif
Alexander, contemplating the deaths of his brothers.

Anzat Aftermath

With his eldest brother Wilhelm dead, and Anzat in its own small revolution. Alexander clung tight to his family privately, publicly appearing to distance himself – even going as far as to take his mother’s last name of Varrus. He hid with her and Sydney, fearing he may be next. It was at this time that he fled from Anzat to a sector just below the equator of the galaxy. This region of space was known only as the Null Zone, with only one known planet for light-years in any direction. Alexander briefly stayed on the planet of Belovia, in the largest city that shared the name. The entire planet was home to just over one hundred million sentients, many of which were fringers in the expanses of ice and snow. He was quickly hired on as a surgeon there, because the last one was executed by savages when he went too far out of city limits. This planet was far from the law of the Empire, and Lex soon saw the opportunity that it held. He quit his job as a surgeon and began to fun for different offices for not only the city, but the planet.

It was when he became the Minister of Defense for the planet that his plan could be put into place. He hired on all dangerous pirate groups in the area as privateers to protect the planet and the system. Eventually, pirates from outside the Null Zone heard word of a smuggling group that was forming at Belovia, and they wanted in. Little did Lex know that eventually he would become the leader of one of the largest smuggling groups in history.

Black Star Reborn

Before it became the empire that it went on to become, Lex's Smuggling Empire rode under the name of Black Star in it's infancy days. This was in remembrance of his father who ran Black Star Corporation over ten years prior. While they weren't seen as heroes, they did fight off all other attempts at pirates trying to take over the Null Zone. They would pillage and capture the ships they conquered. The Null Zone became the epicenter of Black Star operations, being able to reach most of the galaxy from all sides. They were accustomed to fighting off small bands of pirates, but when a large smuggling operation started encroaching on Black Star territory, Lex decided he had to take action.

The Battle of Belovia took place not long after the re-creation of Black Star. Alex's newly built flagship, a Bayonet named [LvI] Titanic, proved to be a pivotal point in the battle. At first, the battle was at a standstill, until the triangular shape (that usually implied a Star Destroyer) came out of hyperspace. All hope for the opposing side was lost, so surrender messages were sent to Black Star. Black Star kept the ships as their own and decided to split off into two separate smuggling factions.

Smuggler Prince

Cruelty lex.gif

Binaros Smuggling Alliance and Galactic Smuggling Alliance were the two children that the Battle of Belovia birthed into the galaxy. Alexander was proclaimed the Smuggling Prince in the central region of the galaxy, even peacefully invading Hutt Space in order to transport drugs, guns, or slaves. Word soon got out that the sibling that killed Vlademar was rising to power again, so Lex was forced to go underground as the leader and rule from the underworld.

Alexander soon began to take over the eastern half of the galaxy, from the underworld up. His name was whispered in secrecy on the lower most layers of Nar Shadda, and even as far as Eraidu and Courscant. It was a group decision to move all operations into the southern half of the galaxy, where Alex could run his groups without any retaliation from the law. Although this gave him much unwanted attention, there was one sentient that saw it as an opportunity to turn Alexander into something greater than he could ever imagine.

Calling of the Sun

Lex with vigos.jpg
Lex with five of the nine Black Sun Vigos.

After forming a small rag-tag band of misfits into one of the Galaxy’s largest and strongest personal Smuggling Empire, Alexander drew the attention of long-time family friend Tar Alaks, at that time a Vigo for the Black Sun. Turning over his Smuggling Empire to trusted advisers, Alexander took the leap into the Sun, joining on. It is unknown at which time exactly Alexander joined, as he served in the Covert Black Watch long before he was publicly exposed as being a Black Sun Enforcer. It began then that Alex began to take a keen interest in the different means of production. He was mentored by the current Vigo of Production and was taught all the tricks of the trade. Earlier in Year 14, he was chosen to be the next Vigo of Production.

Black Sun quickly learned that the decision it made was the correct one. His responsibility included White Star and Hyrotii Corporation. The former was a very successful shipbuilding company that eventually led to the creation of Shobquix Yards. The latter was a, just as successful, mining corporation that provided the first roots for the (later) mining group to be built, Gesenix Mining. The criminal empire thrived with an intelligent mind at the helm of it's shipyards. Reports suggest that during this time (and onward) it took 2.3 billion credits just to keep the shipyards and factories running. Alexander had everyone working double-time in order to start producing one of the largest fleets that the galaxy has seen. With the way he was running things, Blask Sun amde another pivotal choice that would drastically change it's future. It was on Year 14 Day 350 that Alexander von Ismay succeeded Noibe Asha as the twentieth Underlord of Black Sun.

Being Alexander

Drugs and Alcohol

Alexander has a long history with one of the most common drugs in the galaxy. Ryll. He was introduced to it during his years at Kauti School of Medicine. From then on he has consumed copious amounts every day since then. Alexander has battled with the combination of drugs and alcohol his entire life. His family has made attempts at driving him off of the track with interventions, but to no avail. While he only consumes enough at a time to keep him alert and on his toes, he understood his families concern for his health and began to cut down enough to divert the attention of his family, while still consuming the drug. While ryll sharpened his senses, alcohol dulled them. His favourites were expensive wines such as the Nabooian Blossom Wine, Corellian Merlot, or the Deltron Spice Wine.

Rumors of Cannibalism

May rumors have surfaced from the media that Alexander is a cannibal. Feasting on those that he kills in elaborate dinner parties aboard his fleet of Palace-ships. There are some pixelated images and videos that show Lex in full butcher's attire, and even accounts from the crew of his starships that claim he has a large private butcher room and freezer. Some close friends have said that (if the allegations are true) Alexander has never served them the meat of a living sentient, it's always been nerf. When questioned about the numerous people that have gone missing after visiting his dinner parties, he responded "Missing people? What missing people? Hey, you're not too bad looking... Are you open for dinner tonight?"

Lex cannibal.jpg
Alexander preparing a meal.

Collector of Opulence

Being one of the richest sentients in the galaxy, Alexander has grown to become a collector of the finer things. He boasts massive personal collections of ships, vehicles, droids, servants and staff. It is said that when he became the Underlord of Black Sun he gave many of his ships to the criminal organization so that they would bolster the fleet. He is known to own an Imperial Star Destroyer, MC-80b, MC-60, and Veltraa, along with hundreds of other rare or modified ships. His flagship is Black Sun's custom, modified Darkstar Battleship. Lex is also one of the few others that own a Coral Vanda. He further owns countless vacation estates all over the Core. A personal favourite retreat of his is the world of Malicar in the system that shares a name. He is the Duke of the planet, and now spends copious amounts of time hunting and exploring the world.

Physical Attributes

Alexander von Ismay is a slender, middle aged man of average height. He wore his brown hair combed neatly to the side and had very sharp facial features. Alexander's sharp features were thanks to his mother's side of the family, those who hailed from Hapes. He almost always wore suits, except when he's found in his butcher's attire. He had many different suits with patterns and materials from all over the galaxy. His personality is especially peculiar. Alexander is fierce and fearless while in public, but close friends and family describe him as humorous and caring. He is fiercely protective over his family, and even more so over his organization. Underlord Ismay has an affinity for gambling and quite the addictive personality. He has managed to avoid Galactic law for as long as he's been an Ismay, and that makes him quite the character to befriend.

Loss of His Arm

Alexander lost his right arm in an explosion on Ithilibogoth at the [BSA] Chemical Processing Complex in Madain Industrial District. The explosion also sent dozens of workers to the hospital for minor and major injuries. The explosion was believed to be an attack on the life of Alex, the then leader of Binaros. It caused a very widespread fire over the complex and shook homes and structures within a two mile radius. The flames were fought an hour after the explosion, but the aftermath left Alexander with psychological trauma because of the loss of his arm. Funds from Binaros were soon used to hire Lazaretto'Inc to build a state-of-the-art arm for the CEO, who returned to work around two months later.

Lex Arm.png
Alexander's Lazaretto'Inc. Cybernetic Arm

Heavy Armour

Lex's Heavy Battle Armour was hand crafted by the finest architects that Shiboquix Industries had to offer. Quantum infused durasteel and coated with agrinium (a material used in solar sails) to protect against all forms of radiation. It was a top priority that the armour be slim enough to be able to fit a suit on over the top.

Lex Holo.png
Shiboquix Industries Modified Heavy Battle Armour

The Maddening, And Overdose

Underlord (Black Sun)
Preceded By:
Niobe Asha
Alexander von Ismay
Year 14 Day 350Year 17 Day 97
Succeeded By:
Jeor Knight