Aliit A'skimus

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Clan A'skimus
General Information
Status Active
Leader Daniel Skifighter
Historical Information
Founded Year 8 Day 239
Political Information
Affiliation Mandalore
Type Mandalorian Clan
Holosite Clan A'skimus Holosite

Clan Overview

- Skills and Attributes: The Clan tends to be high skilled in the areas of dexterity, perception, and strength. Average skilled in knowledge, and not so skilled in mechanical or technical skills. Members of the Clan strive to attain a perfect balance between mind and body and most of their fighting skills are barehanded, so they tend to have high brawling values.

- Physical Traits: shaven or short hair with purple eyes

- Social Traits: The Clan functions on a disciplined respect structure. All members of the Clan, male or female are seen as equal and must at some point go through the Trials. A female member has the same opportunity of being a leader as a male. They consider honor strictly important. They tend to make good warriors and although can use technology prefer to fight without it especially about a point of honour.

Clan Origin Myth

A piece of the Scrolls of History, on the birth of Clan A'skimus: Around 2400 years after the Arrival:

The Clan came to existance during the civil war. Formed by the children of those who went with Ulyna the Wise and Opy're the Powerful, this group consisted of around 200 Mandalorians when it started. The roots of this clan can be traced back to two Mandalorians. A'skimus D'anith of clan Opy're and Dain'a Sar'ey of clan Ulyna. A'skimus a fierce warrior, proud descendant of the D'anith line fell in love with Dain'a a wise and gentle woman. For years their shared their forbidden love, but their love caused several problems in their respective families. In the end, both A'skimus and Dain'a were forced to leave their family and their clan, and each took group of 100 followers with them. They and their followers headed west, and took to the ocean. They took a ship, and decided to find a land where they could live in peace. For fifty days and fity nights they were in the sea, and on the last day, a storm like no other almost destroyed the ship A'skimus, Dain'a and one hundred fifty of their followers, woke up at the shores of an island. But this island was strange, because the first thing they saw were volcanoes.. It would appear that they were doomed. The followers went into despair, however A'skimus did not. He told his people to camp out near the beach, while he himself headed into the island to try and find salvation for his people.

And so he went, first through caves full of lava and fire, through mountains so high, that the wind could send you to your doom, in an instant, through a land made of rock, full of constant tremors and because of this ever changing. And in the end he found a large forest full of life. But his will, his spirit after all those trials was almost depleted. A'skimus was barely alive when he arrived there. And this was the last trial, the trial of Spirit.

When he was about to die, a vision came to him. A Dra'kar, a wolf, came to his dreams and in his dreams lead him to the center of the forest. Hopeful again, A'skimus woke up and with pure willpower he made it to his place he saw in his visions. He spent a long time there, getting his strength back. Once more took on all the trials, getting to his people and telling of the land shown by the Dra'kar and led them to the inner paradise. And so it was that A'skimus changed his family name to Dra'kar, in honour to the creature in his vision and the Clan was called A'skimus in honour of the great warrior."

This clan remained undiscovered for 2000 years. Using the volcanic caves to provide energy, the Clan developed with their society moved around the concepts of Strength and Spirit. Young members of the Clan become adults by going through five trials. The Trial of Fire, the Trial of Wind, the Trial of Earth and the Trial of Water. The fifth trial, the Trial of Spirit was the last and perhaps the most important trial of them all. These trials were required for the members of the Clan but for House Dra'kar, the ruling family, they had to take the trial three times. The Clan dedicated itself to the training of the mind as well as the body. The separation from Mandalore also caused some gaps when Clan A'skimus was introduced to the rest of the society. In the military, almost all members of the clan choose Army careers. They interact with technology well, but most of the time they will prefer a hand to hand battle. If personal honour is at stake, they will go into battle barehanded. The last known leader of the clan in these times was Ja’nith Dra’kar.

Clan Traits

- Physical Traits: The males shave their heads, the woman tend to keep their hair short, never falling below the shoulder. The women tend to have either red or black hair. Due to the radiation emitted by a strange mineral found in the volcanic caves, their eyes are purple. Members of the House Dra'kar also have a birthmark, at the right side of the neck, that resembles the head of a wolf.

- They consider honor strictly important, and giving their word is a very sacred bond. Breaking it, could lead to the Ari'Sanith, or exile from the Clan. They tend to be clear headed and patient, caring and extremely loyal allies. They also tend to make not only good warriors, but good advisors as well. Members of the House Dra'kar are also very good leaders. Through time, some members of Clan A'skimus have served as military advisors to both the Taraq'Kau and the Taraq'Qualim.

- The Trials are the rite of passage. The Trial of Fire, of Wind, of Earth and of Water have to be undertaken by any member of the Clan, before they can be considered full members and not children. There is no set age for this, but it usually happens between the ten and twenty years of standard age. Members of the House Dra'kar have to go through the Trials three times in their life, in honour of A'skimus. Although similar in context, the Trials are never the same for any member. The period during one goes through the Trials is called the Kar'dul.

Clan Totem

- The clan Totem is A'skimus Drak'ar himself and therefore they base their lives of being able to pass through any trial they may be set, hardening themselves to lack of sleep and building up stamina and physical strength.