Aliit Alor'a

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Aliit Alor'a
General Information
Status Active
Leader Zal Ragath
2IC Siou Wolfsbane
Headquarters Austan
Language Mando'a
Historical Information
Founded Unknown
Restored Year 25 Day 120
Political Information
Standing Neutral
Affiliation Ternion Corps, The Resistance
Type Mandalorian Clan


Details of Aliit Alor'a's founding are currently unknown. Zal Ragath and Siou Wolfsbane are working through the holo-recordings found in the outpost to ascertain this information.


On day 120, year 25, Lieutenant Siou Wolfsbane of Ternion Corps discovered an abandoned outpost on a planetoid near the Austan system. Upon arrival, it was clear that this once belonged to a Mandalorian clan, and a hard battle was lost, as all that remained were the skeletons of those who perished in the battle, armour and all. Joined shortly after by Zal Ragath, a Mandalorian exiled from his previous clan, the two investigated the outpost. Information was taken to Zal's fellow exile, Sem Epsum and it was agreed that the three would work to restore the honour of the fallen clan. Siou pledged herself to learning to become a Mandalorian herself, to honour those lost.

Shortly afterward, Minwolf Kandar pledged loyalty to the reformed clan.

Rank Chart

The rank organistional chart below reflects information found relating to Aliit Alor'a, and does not include Mandalorian rankings beyond clan leadership.

Grade Mando'a Rank
and Insignia
Galactic Basic Literal Translation Pronunciation
O-5 11. Evaar'la'lor.png
Colonel New Leader Ee-VAR-la-LOR
O-4 10. Alor'itsad.png
Lieutenant Colonel Brigade Leader Ah-LOR-eet-sahd
O-3 9. Alor'ad.png
Captain Captain al-OHR-ahd
O-2 8. Sol'yc Ver'alor.png
Sol`yc Ver`alor
First Lieutenant First Lieutenant sohl-EESH Vair-ah-LOR
O-1 7. Ver'alor.png
Lieutenant Lieutenant VAIR-ah-LOR
E-6 6.Sol'yc Ruus'alor.png
Sol`yc Ruus`alor
First Sergeant First Sergeant sohl-EESH ROOS-ahl-or
E-5 5. Tratur Ruus'alor.png
Tratur Ruus`alor
Staff Sergeant Staff Sergeant TRAH-toor ROOS-ahl-or
E-4 4. Ruus'alor.png
Sergeant Sergeant ROOS-ahl-or
E-3 3. Alor'uus.png
Corporal Corporal AH-lor-OOS
E-2 2. Beviin Alor'uus.png
Beviin Alor`uus
Lance Corporal Lance Corporal BEH-veen AH-lor-OOS
E-1 1. Verd'ika.png
Private Private vair-DEE-kah



Verda (Warriors)


Kyr'adyc Verda (Departed Warriors)

A memorial to those of Aliit Alor'a who were lost in the final battle will be updated once a census has been located.