Aliit Ar'Klim

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Aliit Ar'Klim
Arklim totem thin border.png
General Information
Status Active
Leader Talak Kasra
Headquarters Epsom
Historical Information
Founded Y6
Political Information
Affiliation Krath Dynasty · Mandalore
Type Mandalorian Clan
Holosite N/A

Aliit Ar'Klim is a Mandalorian Clan led by Aliit'buir Talak Kasra. The clan currently recognizes no one as Mand'alor. Contact Aliit'buir directly if interested in joining.

Clan Overview

- The Mandalorians of the Clan Ar’Klim’s physical conditioning is as described above, members must have a high Strength or Stamina skill.

- A note in the social behavior of the Clan Ar'Klim. Though very close and tight-knit among their clan, they are extremely competitive.

Especially due to the fact that a small number of its members have earned some of the most honorable positions among the Mandalorian Army and Navy Marines.

- In order to determine whether or not the Lye’Krin blood runs in your veins contact the Clan Leader who will visit the great Ar’Klim memory banks and family records deep in the mountains as well as examine personal skills to find out whether you are a living descendant of the great Lye’Krin

- This clan was defeated and forced to flee to Tatooine after the Mandalore Wars where they were routed by the Jedi Revan and Malak

Clan History

The clan Ar'Klim for the past century has been almost nothing but a mining clan. They reside in the northernmost agricultural regions of Mandalore. They have been very little used in the past Mandalorian battles and wars, serving as auxiliary ground forces and logistical personnel. The Ar’Klim as miners have over the generations developed a peak of physical conditioning, as well as the resilience needed to survive in the harsh agriculture of their homeland. The clan Ar'Klim prides itself on being able to maintain such astounding physical health and have many sparring matches to prove each other’s strength. Only recently has their intelligence begun to grow with access to higher technology.

Although no members of the Ar'Klim clan have stood out in history, they begin to in the present. The Ar’Klim also, while not being particularly intelligent appears to have some innate and natural ability to create. This is especially prevalent among the ruling classes. This is one of the key features of any descendants of the ruling clans, the ability to create with ease.

The ruling family among the Ar'Klim clan has yet to change since the time of its establishment. It was established over a century ago by a Mandalorian named Sho'Kar. He claimed himself ruler of the clan and his descendants have followed in his footsteps with little resistance. The ruling family among the Ar'Klim clan are not necessarily those of the strongest and most agile warriors, but merely the most intelligent and creative. They have managed to successfully maintain control of the clan since its birth.

Clan Totem

The clan totem for the Ar’Klim is not so much an object but a belief over mind over might over enemies. They believe that the wiser ruling classes will combine their knowledge with the brute force of the working classes to create an unstoppable clan.

Clan Traits

The Ar’Klim is a secluded clan and so not much is known about them at the current time. The few warriors in the clan wear armor with orange flashes and decals. The elite warriors have the Mandalore skull crest on their helmets. Aside from the army uniform, the Ar’Klim tend to be slightly less humanoid than other Mandalorians. They have wider shoulders and are typically between 6 feet and 6 foot 10 in height. Eye colours vary between groups with violet being surprisingly common compared to the average humanoid species.

Recent History

In Year 6 of galactic time, the first Ar'Klim to join himself to Mandalore stepped forward: Verdre To. Hailing from Bothan Space and Corellia, he collaborated with Morcha Drayson (D'ael'mor) to reunite the clans in their ancient order. With the hesitant and restricted approval of the Mand'alor, the clans were reborn and Verdre To became the first Aliit'Buir in a millenia. In time, other Mandalorians returned and made themselves known: Reynevan Bielau, Roshan Mixiquix, Talak Kasra, Malus Arkanius, Devco Stanza, Vedge Antilles, and many more.

Rebuilding What Was Lost

After the disappearance of Aliit To, Grev'endar'togl, a Chiss Officer chosen by Verdre himself to succeed him as Aliit'Buir, was adopted into the clan and assumed the position required of him by his dead comrade. Grev, as he was known by his vode, served in this position for over 2 years before suffering a crippling accident that left him confined to a bacta tank. Secluded from normal life, he nominated Roshan Mixiquix to succeed him as Aliit'Buir. During these 2 years, the clan had re-established itself. A small set of clan holdings on Okyaab VI grew to include a city on Belsmuth IV with a collection of vessels to guard it.

The Return of Grevendar/Consolidation

As previously mentioned, after 2 years of seclusion Vendar returned to both his clan and Mandalore. At the popular request of the clan and Buir Mixiquix, he resumed his place as Aliit'Buir. During this time a lot of the clan vanished while others appeared. The era later became known to him as the expansionist era. In his time sequestered in a bacta tank, he had acquired a Station and filled it with stocks of goods. A squadron of fighters and a cruiser defended it from assault and his facilities brought in credits.

The Era kicked off when Vendar emerged from the tank and checked his funds. Soon he was encouraging purchases to be made to strengthen the clan. A number of stations sprung up, with small military groups organized. Dandga Daranurus, a new member of the clan - contributed financially and materially to the advancement of the clan as a whole in a big way, only to be found guilty of conspiring to break Imperial Law with then-head of Myorzo Guinar Ngendin. While the Empire demanded and received the proverbial head of Daranurus, Ngedin proceeded to later be proclaimed Emperor, an ironic turn of events considering his connections with Black Sun and so-called 'smugglers'. Growth and Prosperity/Times of Turmoil

With Dandga's death, the focus was put on the Ar'Klim. Vendar, who has pushed hard to defend him in a public trial, was suspected of spying for an associate of Daranurus - Aden Canara. Mandalorian Intelligence knew Canara was getting secrets from inside the Mandalorian Council itself and though Togl had no access to these areas, was suspected of being a spy by Tyr DeMeer. Loyalty to ones friends had its advantages though, as Intel spook Zenron Rausk informed Togl of not only DeMeer's suspicions but that he was suspicious of the clan as a whole because of its interest in acquiring assets, having a private military and seeking to purchase land outside Mandalorian territory.

Despite this time of turmoil, Ar'Klim's assets skyrocketed with the keen attention of Bizba Ohma and Erek Flast. With the rest of the clan absent, they formed a triumvirate, with Ohma as treasurer and Flast as 'Jester' - a role reserved for mayhem makers both off and on the field of combat. It was at this time that Project B was conceived and the initial funding and stages secured.

The Shadow Program

During the beginning of Project B, Grevendar struck up a steady friendship with Aden Canara, always loyal to Mandalore and his friends equally, never betraying anything of value to his vod. Now aware that Mandalore saw the Ar'Klim as dangerous and following a public call for clan militaries to be abandoned, the Triumvirate met and agreed to move their operations underground. Publicly disbanding their military force and ceasing to discuss most of their assets in public areas, the clan appeared to have acquiesced. Project B would continue under that codename, leading many Mandalorians to wonder just what it was that required so much effort and funding...

Friends with Vod Canara. Grev now saw a way to fight DeMeer's overbearing influence - through secrecy. Initiating the Shadow program, a program where non-Mandalore members could join Ar'Klim, he accepted Aden Canara into the clan. Knowing the Shadows could get the clan what he could not, he allowed Canara free reign in how he operated, provided that he hold to the main traditions of Mandalorian honor.

Mandalore Betrayed/A Home with the Krath

In time the Ar'Klim grew and waned in cycles. The Shadow program progressed to 3 members then waned to two. Project B became 40% complete and began providing large amounts of income. With the departure of vods Flast and Ohma, Grev reformed the original clan structure and took sole charge. At this time, Vod Robert Phoenix, Tor Asgam, Sandy Griffen, and Natherz Boson joined the clan. With the return of Vod Kasra, the clan became a hive of activity. 2 capital-class warships were acquired along with a squadron of Y wings and the clan assets quadrupled in value and size.

Still, suspicion remained and Grev began to feel personally that he could not shake the lack of trust placed in him and in the clan by the Mand'alor. As a Military CO, he saw less competent officers promoted ahead of those he had trained and began to see his highly active unit falter and disappear slowly. As the stagnation spread throughout all of Mandalore, Grev became disillusioned with DeMeer and his leadership, remembering all of the pain he had put the clan through...Realizing that his plans for a Baslan Shev'la needed to be accelerated, he ironed out the plans and put them in motion.

Collecting Shadow III from Cathar he met officials of the Krath Dynasty and he finally decided he had had enough of this poor excuse for a Mand'alor. Beginning to plan their departure, Grev and Shadow III worked with members of the Dynasty to raid Mandalore and evacuate key personnel from their clutches. With all the Ar'Klim safe from Mandalorian hands on a drill, Grev began to call the clans to unite as groups under a Bas'lan Shev'la clause...


Founding of an initial outpost - Okyaab VI Y7 [Kibuc/Port Selrac]

After due planning, the Clan sold the outpost and relocated to Belsmuth IV in city 0,2, later renamed Aden Ar'Klim to reflect the 100% clan ownership (NB private member owned) - early Y8

Clan Fleet founded - Belsmuth IV mid-Y8

First official in-person Clan Meeting - Belsmuth HQ, Aden Ar'Klim, Belsmuth IV Mid Y9

The official home of the clan moved after a Clan city was built by Mandalore - Beslmuth IV Y9

Creation and fortification of the Redoubt to serve as a final defense against the enemy - Deep Space Y10-Y11

Clan Fleet officially decommissioned with units reassigned to other duties - Mid-Year 11

Start of Project B, the finance venture and SFN expansion hub for the Clan - Shadola Sector Y11

Beginning of Covert Operations, including the Shadow Program and Re-assembly of the Clan Fleet - Y12

The defection of Clan from Mandalore and 50% stage of Project B. Founded the Krath Assembly of Mandalorian Clans with the Breviin - Y13

Dissolution of the Shadow Program, 2nd Fleet takes up position in the Quelli Sector at Cathar Prime - Y13

Krath 2nd Fleet AKA Ar'Klim and the Breviin Crusaders completely destroy the First Sun faction on Derra, then go on to lead the GA in their fight against the IU, winning yet again - January 2014 onwards - Y13

Birth of the Krath Alliance - Y13

Completion of all but ground turrets on Skeebo home - Y13

Development of Orax - (Post Derra, finished circa November) - Y13/14

Concluding fleet assembly at Cathar Prime, KD-Mandalore truce signed and fleet depart Cathar Prime for deep space in stages - Y14

The formal separation between Breviin and KD but replaced with a close alliance, Zann attack on KD repelled by Grev and Peter - Y14

Discovery and colonization of the Prindaar System, granted to 2nd Fleet and the beginning of Krath North, 2nd Fleet moves half the fleet there as a garrison - Y14

The arrival of Triad member Talak Kasra from Mandalore - Y14

Ar'Klim settle colonies on Antar and Mek Va Uil, and begin developing them as possible - Y14

Clan decide to retire from galactic involvement for approximately 6-9 months - Y14/15

Return of Ar'Klim from retirement, Krath Combined Forces created from remaining military members from both fleets - Y15

Speedy reformation of the Krath 2nd Fleet, now named Krath Northern Fleet, as the Aliit'buir recalls all members to active service - Y15

Tyr DeMeer was replaced by Andrew Panzer as Mand'alor - Y15

The transition of Rachuk and Eclorar sectors to Krath control from Mandalore as the treaty terms are finally completed. Both sectors absorbed into KD North - Y15

Given the instability with the Krath at this time, rapid changes were made, restoring the Aliit'buir to the leader of the Krath Military and bringing Triad member Robert Phoenix in as KD North CO. Triad member Talak Kasra becomes stand-in Southern Fleet CO and overall Military XO - Y15

Aliit'buir was invited to join the Krath Ruling Council - Y16

Aliit'buir formalizes the Krath Alliance by revising the membership terms, making it a group of equals and not answerable to the KD. Formal treaties were signed, the alliance was announced and some new members join - Y16

Ar'Klim/Ar'Togl negotiates peace and the ascension of both Chiss Ascendancy and the Empire of the Hand into the Rift Alliance - Y16

Krath Alliance was renamed to Rift Alliance - Y16

Mandalore attempts to unite the clans with a Mandalorian event on Serroco. Ar'Klim, Breviin and Kal'kara attend in person. Peace between KD and Mandalore reaffirmed, Ar'Klim recognizes Andrew Panzer as Mand'alor and swears loyalty to him, presenting symbolic gifts. - Y16

Multiple attacks on TSK organized by Grev and Peter, their morale begins to crumble - Y14-17

Aliit'buir Grevendar Togl becomes 2iC of the Krath Dynasty, DepSecGen of the GA, and Military Chairman/Diplomat of the Rift Alliance. - Y17

Construction begins on future clan holdings in Pembric and Deko Nemoidia, Loedorvia joins the territory assigned to KD North - Y17

Aliit'buir Grev'endar'Togl retires from the galaxy, Talak Kasra takes the chair - Y17

Aliit'buir Talak Kasra acknowledges Korlan Mereel as Mand'alor and swears fealty to him - Y17

Ar'Klim, accompanied by Aliit Choruk, declare Aliit Breviin as Dar'Manda and also declare war on their cause - Y18

Aliit'buir Talak Kasra ascends to the Tetan Throne, becoming the second Emperor of Krath in millennia. - Y20

Ar'klim homeland was uprooted once more to consolidate their primary holding within the Epsom system. - Y24