Aliit Beviin

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Aliit Beviin
General Information
Status Active
Leader Marcin Nevinyrral
Motto Ratiin Chaashya
Headquarters Cin Beviin tapcaf, Keldabe
Historical Information
Founded Y23 D224
Political Information
Affiliation Neutral
Type Mandalorian Clan

Mandalorian bounty hunters of the Bondsman's Guild and seekers of ancestral beskar. The founding House Argent recognizes Mand'alor Korlan Mereel, although supporting a specific Mand'alor is otherwise considered a private matter.


When they are free from duties to their Houses, members of Clan Beviin seek to secure beskar ingots by practicing the bounty hunter's trade. Like any Mandalorian, they are expected to observe the Six Actions and Canons of Honor. But as professionals of the Bondsman's Guild, they are also expected to keep the Bounty Hunter's Creed. It is this code which establishes professional neutrality and forbids clan members from clashing, even though they may belong to rival Houses.


Blazoned: Sable, a triquetra argent. The points are the tips of three lances, representing the Six Actions, the Canons of Honor, and the Bounty Hunter's Creed. The tips extend beyond the circle at the center, which represents the House. While the image is of separation, the knot indicates connection. The motto: "Ratiin Chaashya" (Always Further).


Clan Beviin was recognized by Korlan Mereel and Zachill DeSol after Outis Hawkwind addressed the Mandalore Clan Council from MandalMotors Hall in Keldabe on Satunda, Melona 3 of Year 23.

"Our people were never strangers. The Clans visited Maridun in ancient times, returning from a battle in Malachor. They honored my ancestors with great valor, and I grew up with songs about Mandalorians. My father ransomed prisoners to Anon Drekk of Clan V'r'caah, and these are now respected members of the nation. My tribe was able to beat its rivals on Maridun because of the technology and tactics that came from Mandalorian space to reach us. We were able to dominate resources and begin our ascension to join the galaxy as the White Lance. We established land and space headquarters and became authorized agents of the Bondsman's Guild. Now we have been honored with the greatest of privileges, the Gai bal Manda. Our ascension is now complete, as the Charnoq tribe exchanges mastery over Amanaman Station for a humble tapcaf here in Keldabe. In the whirling bustle of the Gem-Cutter's Street, locals have begun calling my people 'Clan of the Lance.' They welcome us as family and recognize us as Mando mercs and local Guild contacts. They respect our Way and have earned our devotion. I suggest that our Way is not uniquely Amani and that any Mandalorian warrior could adopt our crusade and pledge themselves to it. Our Way is devoted to the recovery of beskar, and our industry is professional bounty hunting. I propose that we are, in truth, Clan Beviin. As the lance in the Mandalore sigil extends beyond the badge, so Clan Beviin extends beyond House Argent."

Hawkwind made this speech while in Keldabe building the Cin Beviin tapcaf for his mate to run, an Amani named Ami Hawkes, who had been accompanying Outis since his trip to Shogun early in Year 22. It should be noted that Amani biological gender is indistinct and only apparent to other Amanin. Some speculate that Amanin only has one gender. While Hawkwind identifies as male, he, and indeed other Mando-Amanin, have mistakenly been addressed as the wrong gender, and they universally accept this. Both Hawkwind and Hawkes respond favorably to either Ma'am or Sir, as long as the voice sounds respectful. They do not understand sarcasm. Hawkwind does not like to discuss his gender, stating, "I only discuss weather before a battle." The attraction for Hawkwind seems to be Hawkes' knowledge of forging beskar, for it is indeed their shared conclusions which form the foundation of the Aliit Beviin Yust.

Aliit Beviin Yust

Embody the Resol'nare. It is not enough to claim it, it can only be demonstrated.

It is our duty to lend our strength to our champions and make them mightier.

Find the Beskar! Search the galaxy, do not stop!

Supply our champions with enchanted arms of ancestral iron. Bring honor to your Clan.

Obey the Canons of Honor. Show respect for the Mandalorian way. Die before accepting shame.

Protect the Bounty Hunter's Creed. Keep it, and expect other professionals to show that they keep it as well. Punish oathbreakers.

Bounty Hunter's Creed

  • No bounty is worth dying for.
  • People don't have bounties, only acquisitions have bounties.
  • Capture by design, kill by necessity.
  • No hunter shall slay another hunter.
  • No hunter shall interfere with another's hunt.
  • In the hunt, one captures or kills, never both.
  • No hunter shall refuse aid to another hunter.

Six Actions

  • Education - All children will be brought up according to the core values of Mandalorian society.
  • Armor - It is an honor and a privilege to don the armor which is so closely identified with Mandalorians. The armor should be crafted, maintained and worn with a sense of pride.
  • Defense - A Mandalorian should be a paragon of strength and the warrior's family is an extension of that strength.
  • Clan - A Mandalorian offers their personal strength to benefit the extended family which is the Clan.
  • Language - Mando'a is at the core of what it means to be Mandalorian. All Mandalorians must be fluent in the language and restrict its use to the presence of other Mandalorians.
  • Leader - The welfare of the House is of paramount importance and all warriors contribute to its defense according to the wishes of the Leader. A strong House is an invincible House.

Canons of Honor

  • Strength is life, for the strong have the right to rule.
  • Honor is life, for with no honor one may as well be dead.
  • Loyalty is life, for without one's Clan one has no purpose.
  • Death is life, one should die as they have lived.

Known Members

Outis Hawkwind

Marcin Nevinyrral