Aliit Chitose

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Aliit Chitose
General Information
Status Active
Leader Squall Chitose
Motto "Black Knives don't kneel"
Headquarters Lictor Class "Ne'tral Kal"
Historical Information
Founded Year 12
Political Information
Affiliation Eidola
Type Mandalorian Clan

Aliit Chitose is a Mandalorian Clan led by Aliit'alor Squall Chitose. The clan recognizes Kai Oryk as Mand'alor.


Squall Chitose accepted the way of the Mando'ade shortly after the Battle of Beta, in which his home and government was destroyed. After a short stint with the Rebel Alliance, Squall traveled the unknown regions, working as a mercenary. On one operation that went bad, Chitose was captured. During his capture, he hallucinated a vision of the Mandalorian god Kad Ha'rangir, the God of Life, Death, and Change. In return for his life, Squall promised a bloodbath to the god. During his escape, dozens of his captors were killed.

Squall eventually joined Eidola, which he believes personifies the chaos of change that serves Kad Ha'rangir. In Eidola, he met another Mandalorian whom he befriended, Kai Oryk. Kai mentored Squall in the ways of the Mando'ade, and eventually reconstituted the nomadic people. Squall was, in turn, able to mentor a few younger pirates. These few became the basis of Clan Chitose.


Aliit Chitose is known for not being as devoted to the resol'nare as other mandalorian clans. They typically only speak Mando'a in formal circumstances, such as the adoption of a new clan member. As pirates, they have looser morals than most. However, the clan are devoted to each other.

Occasionally, the clan refers to themselves as "The Black Knives", after the Lictor-Class Cruiser "Ne'tral Kad", which translates as "The Black Knife." Their unofficial clan motto is "Black Knives don't kneel."


The Chitose Clan's official colors are orange and black, and their armor tends to be highly stylized. Chitose's armor is known for being bright orange with black trim, with his helmet having two horns protruding. This is an allusion to the stylized horned skull and crossbones that makes up the clan's logo.

All members of the clan are permitted, and encouraged, to paint their armor according to their own individual sensibilities. Chitose's armor is the only full set of beskar'gam in the clan, but there are several partial sets. Other armors generally consist of Heavy Battle Armor and Imperial Royal Guard Armor.

The Armor of Warlord Chitose


Anybody can join as long as its agreed upon to accept them. Currently, the clan operates of the Lictor-class Dungeon Ship The Black Knife. As a clan, they are noted for mostly being members of Eidola, and not following the tenets of the Mando'ade as closely as other clans.

Known Members

Squall Chitose

Deric Adams

Era`ut Nex

Drunkbacca Gould