Aliit Cin'Tsad'uliik

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Aliit Cin'Tsad'uliik
General Information
Status Active
Leader Sekou Tau
Motto "Eskrubiva atcara bal olaror tekar ti e'yatida'yagr bal kot."- "Improvise adapt and overcome with intelligence and strength."
Headquarters Muhdu'a Yaim
Historical Information
Founded Year 21 Day 130
Political Information
Affiliation None
Type Mandalorian Clan

Aliit Cin'Tsad'uliik is a unique, small Aliit that endeavors to be a voice of reason.


Aliit Cin'Tsad'uliik history begins with one Sekou Tau. The Gengh-Noghri (Sekou Tau) accepted the way of the Mandalorian, shortly after he and his crew had been betrayed and subsequently left the Pentastar Alignment of Powers. The friends, Sekou, and his crew, drifted apart across the galaxy but stayed relatively close over the years. During this time he began hearing of a group of Sentients calling themselves Mando'ade. At first, he was skeptical when he began to hear about the Mandalorian ways. But soon found them to be very similar to his cultural traditions. He was approached by the clans, The Death Watch and Aliit Ar'Klim both of which asked him to join. their ranks. A difficult choice, but after much contemplation, he chose the latter clan to study and learn from. After a short stint with the The Krath and Aliit Ar'Klim Sekou, Samantha Braxton Sy`co Sacul, and a company of private military contractors left together for unexplained reasons. Sekou and his band traveled the galaxy, working as military and business advisors. These friends became his Household and the basis of living the Six Tenets grew amongst them. After conferring with both new and old friends, he deepened his understanding and decided to form Aliit Cin'Tsad'uliik and make it official. With the support of his Household and other Mandalorian allies, Sekou Tau began recruiting individuals who shared their values and beliefs. They sought to preserve and uphold the Mandalorian way of life, while also adapting to the changing galaxy.

Under Sekou's leadership, Aliit Cin'Tsad'uliik became known for their loyalty, resilience, and proficiency in combat. They frequently took on missions to protect Mandalorian interests, assist other clans, and defend those in need. Their reputation earned them respect among fellow Mandalorians and garnered attention from other galactic powers. As the years passed, Aliit Cin'Tsad'uliik continued to thrive and evolve. They nurtured a strong sense of community and camaraderie among their members, fostering a family-like bond. The clan became deeply involved in Mandalorian politics, contributing to discussions and decision-making processes that affected their people.

In addition to their military endeavors, Aliit Cin'Tsad'uliik also engaged in various business ventures, using their expertise as advisers to assist corporations and organizations in maximizing their potential. This allowed them to accumulate resources and establish a solid foundation for their clan's future.

Throughout their history, Aliit Cin'Tsad'uliik faced numerous challenges and obstacles. They weathered conflicts, political unrest, and external threats, always standing united and resilient. Their commitment to their Mandalorian heritage and values remained unwavering, serving as a guiding light in the face of adversity.


Aliit Cin'Tsad'uliik is known for having a modern approach to the Resol'nare, compared to other Mandalorian clans. This befits their talents and magnifies the family's prowess. Typical career paths are military tacticians, strategists, advisors, diplomats, businesspeople, and leaders. However, the clan members are highly devoted to each other. They typically only speak Mando'a during special or private circumstances, such as the adoption of a new clan member or discreet conversations. They fully believe in the pursuit and sharing of knowledge and as such, are known to be linguists, tinkerers, and specialists. Although they are no less warriors than any other Mandalorian, they prefer to play the long game and use their wits first and foremost. In regards to armor, Sekou decided to opt for individualization so long as the armor protected the wearer, and a symbol of Cin'Tsad'uliik was included upon it.

Pillars of Honor

  • 1. Versatility: Be quickly adaptable to various environments and situations in both words and deeds.
  • 2. Sagacity: Show keen mental discernment and good judgment.
  • 3. Foresight: Think ahead, plan, and not be rash in decision-making.
  • 4. Vigilance: Keep a continuous careful watch for danger or opportunities to enhance your family.


The clan is a tight-knit organization and membership is held by only those formally adopted by the Aliit'alor.