Aliit Darasuum Kal

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Aliit Darasuum Kal
Darasuum Kal.jpg
General Information
Status Active
Leader Caalin Wooro
Headquarters Subterrel Sector (Classified)
Historical Information
Founded Y 17 D 243
Political Information
Type Mandalorian Clan
Holosite N/A

Aliit Darasuum Kal is a Mandalorian Clan led by Aliit'buir Caalin Wooro. The clan currently recognizes Kai Oryk as Mand'alor.Contact the Aliit'buir directly if interested in joining.

Clan Overview

The clan doesn't recruit the most prominent warrior or the greatest assassin. They don't require them, instead they prefer to go for the one with a mind that goes beyond the ordinary being. The clan doesn't have any sort of trouble with the race of their member even if the renewal of the clan was made by a Chiss.

Clan History

The Darasuum Kal Clan was founded a long time ago, as it was needed to have people who would be ready to follow the path of shadow as well as the one of light, walking between them constantly. The member of the clan are those who watch beyond the veil, always ready to unsheathe the blade for which they will die for.

Clan Totem

The clan totem for the Darasuum Kal is two blade, one made of shadow and the other made of pure light, consisting of the dual reflection of the core of the clan, always on both side of the path they follow.

Clan Traits

The Darasuum Kal are a clan who distant them self from other and so not much is known about them at the current time. The few warriors in the clan wear armour with Black and dark red color, with a decal of their totem on the shoulder for the Elite warrior.

Know Member