Aliit Delitrox

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Aliit Delitrox
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General Information
Status Active
Leader Cer Killid
Headquarters unknown
Historical Information
Founded Xavage Delitrox
Political Information
Type Mandalorian Clan

Delitrox is an enigmatic Mandalorian clan known for their prowess in various aspects of life and combat. Their reputation is built on their exceptional skill as snipers and scouts, making them a formidable force.

This clan has adopted a philosophy that combines Mandalorian martial expertise with a profound respect for the natural environment. They are masters of camouflage and infiltration, capable of moving silently through dense forests, desolate deserts, and rugged terrain. Their knowledge of local flora and fauna allows them to survive in the harshest of environments. They are often consulted to track and hunt targets in challenging or unfamiliar terrain.

The Delitrox clan operates stealthily in the shadows, maintaining a high level of secrecy and avoiding unnecessary attention. They typically do not get involved in Mandalorian conflicts unless they feel directly threatened or see a cause worthy of their intervention. This has led many to consider them "ghosts" within the Mandalorian community, always present when needed but rarely visible to the public eye.


Aliit Delitrox was founded by The Death Watch second in command Xavage Delitrox, after his death in a hunting operation against an Acklay, Maltron Dias became the leader of the clan. Aliit Delitrox is one of the most prominent Clans of the Death Watch. The clan recognized Peter Max as Mand'alor.

Following Peter Max death , Death Watch joins the Zann Consortium, Maltron Dias resigns and Cer Killid becomes the new leader of the clan.

Wild Unity

The ideology of Clan Delitrox is based on the concept of "Wild Unity." For them, unity not only means joining forces among their members but also forging an intimate and harmonious connection with the powerful creatures they hunt and tame.

"Wild Unity" represents the belief that by forming a symbiosis with the fiercest and most formidable creatures in the galaxy, Clan Delitrox members can attain an unprecedented level of strength and courage. They believe that these creatures are not merely allies on the battlefield but embody a spirit and essence that merges with that of their warriors.

To Clan Delitrox, the creatures they hunt and breed are more than mere companions; they are living manifestations of the warrior essence of the Mandalorians. Through a deep and respectful connection with these beasts, Clan Delitrox seeks to unlock an inner power that enables them to overcome any obstacle and face any threat.

Furthermore, this ideology encompasses their focus on exploration and the discovery of new worlds. They believe that by venturing into the unknown and colonizing new territories, they can expand their horizons and solidify Mandalorian presence in the galaxy.

"In the wild unity with our powerful creatures, we find the essence of our strength and bravery. We are explorers and hunters, forging our destiny in the uncharted realms. United, we challenge the galaxy to witness the might of Clan Delitrox."
— Aliit'alor Cer Killid