Aliit Du'trachek

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Aliit Du'trachek
General Information
Status Current
Leader Avianus Antornis
Motto Ijaat, Verburyc, Kot
Headquarters Concord Dawn
Historical Information
Founded Year 8 Day 9, Reconstituted Year 14 Day 47
Political Information
Affiliation Mandalore
Type Mandalorian Clan
Holosite Clan Du'trachek Holosite

Aliit Du'trachek is a Mandalorian Clan that recognizes Korlan Mereel as Mand'alor.


Du'trachek is led by it's Aliit'buir Avianus Antornis and it's Aliit'alor Mesh`la Daryc

Clan Overview

The Du’Trachek live under the same laws that governed them eons ago, honor, loyalty, and strength. Lawbreakers are exiled (to a Nortuulk pen) no matter how small the punishment is. Not given to pride they are mostly silent warriors except when wounded. This makes them exceptionally good commandos and army troopers. - Aside from those stated in modern history. Du'trachek's movements tend to be animalistic as well as brutish. Their gaze is known for the locked eyes with speaking to someone something people not accustomed to it can find creepy. Their speech is accented but not in the traditional sense. Those who grew up within the Du'trachek's land will almost always have this accent. The mechanical skills of this clan's members vary depending on personal beliefs, but most Du'trachek dislike machine fighting. Typically, no mechanical skills exceed above average. On the other hand, the clan has a special affinity for technology, and most members should have technical skills exceeding average.

Clan History

The Ancient Past

Aliit Du'trachek headed south after the crash gathering what they could they moved into Mandalore's mountainous region.. The clan was led by two men, A technician named My'tlek who and a security officer named Dardanes. The longtime friends promised great hope to their followers. All went well Dardanes and the security forces he brought along were able to hunt and make well for the clan while My'tlek's technology kept the clan strong. For a time anyway after a generation or so technology ceased to work as those who knew its inner working died without passing the knowledge on. The people began to starve as they had never gained the ability to survive without their dependence on technology. Civil War broke out within the clan and lasted a full generation, there were no set sides or reason to fight except over food and shelter. All seemed bleak the clan would not survive much longer with such inner turmoil. That is until the man who was to become their totem emerged. He was a fierce warrior and though he possessed no traditional wisdom he knew how to unite the clan and turn the feuding factions into one. His name became the future name of the clan, Du'trachek.

Du'trachek was a known warrior and a skillful hunter and those that joined him were taught to hunt and find food in the barren mountains, and how to bring down the great Nortuulk (A massive carnivorous bear/wolverine like creature weighing four hundred pounds) for food. The Nortuulk had been forced out of the clan region when technology was there to benefit but as it faded the clansmen had no way to get through the expanse without getting eaten) few men entered before. As people began to eat the feuding subsided, and the people let Du'trachek lead for after years of fighting and starvation he seemed to be a real hope for the future. Du'trachek knew the Nortuulk would not last forever and that if he were to not organize his people once their main food source disappeared the fighting would resume. Du'trachek drew from the wisest people within the clan making them his personal men. Together they plotted and drew up laws for the clan. The laws were known as Du'trachek Sobila. The code was simple to be strong and loyal to clan members, but strong and intolerant to those outside. It showed no mercy, one was either fiercely loyal to the clan or shunned and forced to live alone within the Nortuulk Expanse. Du'trachek decided to continue they must push through the expanse. The people learned to live as the Nortuulk did, and how to capture the smaller creatures within the expanse. They learned how to plant mountain fruit and for nearly a generation they lived rebuilding. The people themselves trained to be fierce loyal warriors capable of taking the expanse from the Nortuulk, as well as growing fruit and caging the animals. Du'trachek grew old but his teachings flourished.

Within Du'trachek's son's (Du'thuras) time the people were pushed out of the expanse. They built arenas within the settlement for young warriors to test their strength, the Mak'pah (or great battles). The clan remained isolated within the mountains for quite some time. While others met and built cities they evolved independently. When finally they were found they were integrated into Mandalorian society. Most joined the Mandalorian army. They however never were much for the navy or flying, believing that it is wrong to fight fully within machines. They stayed fiercely loyal to Mandalore where ever they fought following their code that they were born to fight and die for the empire, and any who thought otherwise were weak and should be killed. They never flaunted their skill.

As Mandalore was found and technology came back it was found that while they lacked in Mechanical skills they excelled in technical. Perhaps because many of their founders were technicians and this natural ability somehow stayed locked away for thousands of years.

Recent History

Aliit Du'trachek fell on hard times in recent years as clan membership waned until the clan was effectively inactive as of Year 12 Day 12. On Year 14 Day 47 Avianus Antornis, Mesh`la Daryc, and Korlan Mereel gathered together to reform the clan on Concord Dawn with the blessing of Mand'alor Tyr DeMeer who was a member of the clan before divesting himself of clan affiliations to hold a more neutral position as Mand'alor.

Clan traits

Du'trachek Vode are generally large - 6'0" to 6'5" in height. Their skin is almost always tanned darkly. Their hair is dark, ranging from light brown to raven black. Eyes are typically light in color: green, yellow, and blue, with the rare but possible gray. They are normally well-muscled with large, wide frames. Du'trachek Vode are large but, being hunters as well as great fighters, their dexterity is always at least average, with their dodge slightly above average. Their general awareness should be at least average, and their knowledge skills should not exceed average, most times falling below that level. - As Du'trachek members are large and barbaric (trained to fight from birth) their strength skills always exceed average, with stamina skills always exceeding above average. The accent is deep with almost a growling sound. Though when not upset the growl doesn't sound threatening. When angered they tend to 'lose it', snarling like the great Nytuulk and tending to break whomever or whatever displeased them.

Clan Totem

The Du’Trachek Vode model themselves after the Nortuulk, picking off smaller enemies first and then taking on the major enemies they have to face. They are tough and battle-hardened protecting their domain fiercely.

Clan Roster

Current Members

Previous Members