Aliit Gav

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Aliit Gav
Aliit gav2.png
General Information
Status Active
Leader Aliit'alor Gaarurra Madclaw
Motto "Kot adol Aliit" - Strength through Family.
Headquarters Aliit Gav Keldab, Dagu
Historical Information
Founded Y10
Political Information
Affiliation Mando'ade
Type Mandalorian Clan
Holosite Aliit Gav

Aliit Gav is a Mandalorian Clan founded by Jaster Gav and currently led by Gaarurra Madclaw. It is one of the more older clans known to exist, arguably nearly as old as Aliit Dael'mor but not as well known. The clan's power has waned as of late due to the death of multiple members however rumors have begun to circulate that Aliit Gav is starting to gain more power and influence, potentially coming back to it's former self. The clan recognizes Kai Oryk as Mand'alor and maintains a close relationship with Mando'ade.

Notable Members have Included:


  • Aliit Gav Sig Bar.png (Year 14 [CGT])