Aliit Ghost

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Aliit Ghost
Aliit Ghost 2.png
General Information
Status Active
Leader Aliit'buir Jason Phanto
Headquarters Unknown
Historical Information
Founded {{{Founded}}}
Political Information
Affiliation The Krath
Type Mandalorian Clan


Born from the ashes of Red Phantom, Jason Phanto founded the clan and swore the Cin Vethin (an oath to erase one´s past and have a new beginning) to become part of The Death Watch Militia.

One of the most controversial clans to form part of Death Watch they maintain a steady growth and strength according to Overlord Peter Max. Aliit Ghost recognized Peter Max as Mand'alor after that Death Watch was dead to them.


There is no passion, Nor peace, only the truth The truth guides us, makes us stronger. With our power we shall aid those in need. we are not good, nor evil, we are only ashes. and as Ghosts we will rise again forever. --- Ghost Code

The Ghost Code, created by Jason Phanto, leader of Allit Ghost in Year 17 Day 235. It symbolizes the promise a Ghost makes to his superiors, his teammates,his allies, and the galaxy. It also symbolizes bravery,integrity,respect,and power.'