Aliit K'yltek

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Clan K'yltek
General Information
Status Active
Leader Remus-Qui Wraan
Historical Information
Founded Year 9 Day 355
Political Information
Affiliation Mandalore
Type Mandalorian Clan
Holosite Clan K'yltek Holosite

Clan Overview

- The family Tra'esk is the current ruling family in the K’yltek - The clan name is worn proudly where a family name is usually present. If needing family distinction, the family name is appended after the clan name. - Most military clan members join the Army because that is what they are best suited for because of their hunting skills.

- Because of being excellent hunters, all clan members must have an above-average base dexterity stat, as well as above average in either blaster or dodge.

- Clan members are very inadept at all things technical. Living in the forest for all of their lives they have little need for such things. Therefore, most members have poor technical skills, the most proficient never truly exceeding average. Mechanical skills should not typically exceed average.

Clan History

The clan's totem, Ashen K'yltek Tra'esk, was one of the original colonists that survived the crash. He was a member of the original Opy're clan and migrated into the southern mountains of Mandalore. He and a small group of about 100 settlers then split and settled in the large, densely wooded Q'apla valley. The valley was full of trees, and a small river ran straight through the middle. A deforested area on the south side of the river is where the town first appeared, which would later grow into a small city. After the split, the 100 settlers formed a new clan, taking the name of the founder as the clan name. With the help of the great warrior and leader Ashen, they quickly adapted to their new environment, using his military skill to become expert trackers and hunters, as they had to chase down the untamed beasts that inhabited the forests for food.

In recent days there have been four main families in the clan. The family Tra'esk, The Ry'yak family, is headed by N'tam K'yltek. The Shug'ar family, headed by Ryan K'yltek. Lastly, the Il'daq family is headed by Jeruk K'yltek. The heads of these families form the council which advises Gent K'yltek in most, if not all of his decisions. There are several smaller, lesser-known families, but none of which are populated enough to earn a place in the council.

Clan Traits

- All members of the clan are dark-haired. Almost all have jet-black hair, but a few are known to have dark brown. The hair is always worn short for both males and females, never below the shoulder in length.

- Most clan members have grey eyes, very rarely they are blue or green, and never brown.

- Clan members are rarely very tall, and are usually of medium height, usually about 5'9". Also, regardless of strength, they are never bulky. Always more slim and agile in appearance.

- They are usually antisocial unless with close friends, or other clan members, or if they are serving within the same squad (if in specific army squads or StarOps squadrons), or ship crew rotations (if in CapOps). - In the clan, of those who stay in the valley with the rest, the most respected and feared group are the hunters. Every year, the huntmaster and his 5 other huntsman venture into the forest with no more than a vibro knife each. They stay out for no more than one week, and their goal is to hunt and kill 500 pounds of edible meat, not including bones or any other inedible part. When (if) they succeed in their goal, they pack all the edible material and strap it onto their backs. Each huntsman carries 100 pounds, and the huntmaster carries nothing and treks back to the city. Then a great feast and festival ensue, with dancing, music, and eating to which EVERYONE attends. If they don't Succeed in killing the 500 pounds of meat, the huntmaster impales himself on a stake in front of the city in shame. The next oldest of the huntsman then becomes the huntmaster, and the remaining hunters then choose another of the clansmen to fill the slot. Being a huntsman is the most respected position in the clan (other than the council), and the huntmaster's death if he fails is the price to pay for this honor.

Clan Totem

- Every member of the K'yltek clan must practice a form of unarmed combat which is characteristic of the clan. It consists of a series of rapid palm heel strikes and kicks. Every 10 years, the council holds a tournament, known as the 'Tournament of Ashen' in remembrance of their totem. The only style allowed is this nameless form of combat. Everyone between the age of 15 and 20 MUST compete. The winner receives no material trophy, only the respect of the rest of the clan, and recognition by the council. Because of this, all members must have a brawling skill of above average or greater.