Aliit Kal`be`ijaa

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Aliit Kal`be`ijaa
Aliit Kal`be`ijaa.png
General Information
Status Current
Leader Valerian Valkarin Kreuzritter
Motto Ni oya'karir at dinuir ni subr bal dinuir tor at ner aru'ela (I hunt to give me power and give justice to my enemy)
Headquarters Unknow
Historical Information
Founded Year 20 Day 251
Political Information
Affiliation Unknow
Type Mandalorian Clan


Aliit Kal`be`ijaa recognized Korlan Mereel as Mand`alor.

Aliit Kal`be`ijaa is a clan composed of warrior and hunter.

Armor color pattern - Black(Justice)

Six rules of Life

  • Education - All children will be brought up according to the core values of Mandalorian society.
  • Armor - It is an honor and a privilege to don the armor which is so closely identified with the Clan. The armor should be crafted, maintained and worn with a sense of pride.
  • Defense - A Mandalorian should be a paragon of strength and the warrior's family is an extension of that strength.
  • Clan - A Mandalorian offers their personal strength to benefit the extended family which is the Clan.
  • Language - Mando'a is at the core of what it means to be Mandalorian. All Mandalorians must be fluent in the language and restrict its use to the presence of other Mandalorians.
  • Leader - The welfare of the House is of paramount importance and all warriors contribute to its defense according to the wishes of the Leader. A strong House is an invincible House.

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