Aliit Krei'ger

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Clan Krei'ger
General Information
Status Inactive
Headquarters Draboon
Historical Information
Founded Year 11 Day 288
Political Information
Affiliation Mandalore
Type Mandalorian Clan
Holosite Clan Krei'ger Holosite

Clan Overview

- The Krei'ger has a long tradition of supplying many gunnery officers to the Mandalorian Navy and many artillery officers for the Mandalorian Army. Many Krei'ger also serve in Military Intelligence and can be quite valuable assets to the organization. There are few Krei'ger willing to serve in the Taraq'Qualim or the Taraq'Kau because it is believed that most of the members of those ranks are witless brutes. - They revile in death and killing. Many of their rituals involved the consumption of fresh meat and drinking blood.

- Krei'ger are very adept at running machinery, and also tend to be quite strong - The Krei'ger practice a martial art known as Krei'gersk'unst. The object of this style is to forge the body into a living weapon. Rather than attempt to parry a blow, Krei'gersk'unst teaches that you allow the blow to strike the point of your elbow, thereby causing the attacker great pain in that limb, allowing the Krei'ger to follow up. In addition to this, the style teaches stealth and infiltration techniques - They prefer to fight their duels in hand-to-hand combat rather than with weapons, for none but clan D'ael'mor can attempt to match their prowess. It also teaches the Krei'ger to function under conditions that would appear impossible; it is not unknown for a Krei'ger warrior to survive by will alone, when another Mandalorian would have succumbed to their wounds or to exhaustion long before them.

- Clan Krei'ger is very traditional, but by no means hidebound. The Krei'ger are quite capable of innovation and believe that the only dishonor is cowardice or treason; cowards and traitors are disowned by the clan and are actively purged from the gene pool, to prevent further pollution thereof.

Clan History

Clan Krei'ger was founded by H'al'kath who led his small band of followers to the equatorial region of Mandalore. They numbered approximately 200 and were mainly descendants of former army and naval personnel, who had volunteered to come on the colony ship. In order to survive the bloody wars which racked Mandalore for many years, the Krei'ger were forced to become warriors, devoting themselves to battle and war. Out of this came a warrior society, the personal guard of the patriarch. The head of the society founded Family Ver'urt'eil'ung, his deputy founded Family Tod, and the chief non-commissioned officer founded Family Ver'nicht'ung. Each family is given a symbol by the Elders, and the ornateness and color of this tattoo depend upon one's rank within the family, which is determined from birth, and the rank of the family within the clan, which nearly never changes. The tattoo covers almost the entire body, with the exception of the palms, the soles of the feet, the genitals, and the throat and head. The symbols of the Clan Triad are as follows; Family Tod has a displayed Eagle, Family Ver'urt'eil'ung has an Oriental-style Dragon, and Family Ver'nicht'ung has a Viper.

H'al'kath's reign quickly turned repressive; he was paranoid and had been poisoned by the colony ship's engines. His son, whose heritage was poisoned, was exposed to heavy metals early on, and soon H'al'kath's line was considered corrupt. In 250, H'al'kath's grandson was assassinated by Gul'du'kat of Family Ver'urt'eil'ung, the patriarch of the warrior society, who proclaimed an end to the corruption. He then assumed the role of Clan Patriarch and launched the Krei'ger in a new direction; rather than simply attempting to defend themselves, they began to go on the offensive. The Clan quickly became set in a parallel Caste system. Families Ver'urt'eil'ung, Tod, and Ver'nicht'ung became warriors and leaders, Family P'lest became diplomats and spies, providing intelligence for the Clan's war effort, allowing them to understand the dispositions of the enemy's forces, Family Kreig became the scientific mind behind the Clan’s war machine, Family Hun'gers'not became Engineers, building up the infrastructure of the Clan's holdings, thereby allowing the Clan's war machine to function, Family Dr'ache became laborers, Family Q'ual became doctors and medical personnel and Family T'euf'el manned the bureaucracy that allowed the Clan's war machine to function. This caste system allowed the Clan to maintain the complex infrastructure necessary to support the Clan.


On Year 14 the newly founded Aliit Krie'ger succeded the Clan in the Mandalorian Clan Council.

Clan Traits

Members of Clan Krei'ger (called Krei'ger) have dark hair, which ranges from a deep blue to raven-colored, bluish eyes, ranging from deep blue to blue mixed with another color (e.g., greyish-blue, or greenish-blue), and a dark complexion. No Krei'ger is lighter than a deep tan, and some have been known to have ebony-colored skin, although rarely. All Krei'ger are quite intelligent, for they will breed no witless brutes. Each child, before receiving a naming ceremony, must be examined by a Clan Breedmaster, who will examine the child, and determine if they meet the standards set by the Council of Elders. Any child who does not is killed and cremated; the Krei'ger believe that to have the physical integrity of one's body harmed in so great a way is to also disturb the spiritual integrity, therefore denying that spirit the chance to disturb the purity of the gene pool with its evil.

The average Krei'ger is approximately two and one-eighth meters in height, and masses approximately 129 and one-half kilograms, has light blue eyes, black hair, and a nutmeg-colored complexion. Their hair is always worn close, in a military fashion, and they have solid musculature but are not especially heavily built.

Clan Totem

The Krei’ger pride themselves on purity, physical strength, and discipline. All clan members effectively serve this ‘totem’ and aim for these goals.