Aliit Vhetin

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Aliit Vhetin
Status Active
Leader Magnus Ironside
Motto Aliit!
Founded Year 10 Day 123
Dissolved Ba'slan shev'la
Restored Year 21 Day 266
Headquarters Quantxi
Language Mando'a
Political Information
Standing Pro-Oryk
Former Affiliation The Avance Coalition
Type Mandalorian Clan

Aliit Vhetin is open to anyone seeking self improvement and in need of a fresh start. Bearing the crest of the fabled Mythosaur, the weathered visage symbolizes the clan's long and seasoned past, while the extra pair of tusks invokes martial superiority and longevity. Moving forward while avoiding stagnation is a central tenant of Aliit Vhetin, which is embodied in the changing of the clan's name. Formerly known as Aliit Ky'bris, the clan progresses under the newly created identity of Aliit Vhetin, reflective of the Mandalorian expression Cin Vhetin, or a fresh start.

Prior to its renaming, Aliit Ky'bris was a group of Avance Citizens seeking to preserve Mandalorian culture. The Tsad Aliit'buir declared the Aliit to be separate from Mandalore and determined them to be dar'manda. The purpose of Ky'bris within Avance was to spread the Mandalorian culture, and to provide training to individuals seeking to become Aliit. Aliit Ky'bris was composed several different species as was The Avance Coalition itself. Ky'bris was ruled by Akaan'alor Jorvan Drey and the Tsad Aliit'buir.


Aliit Ky'bris was founded by Avance member Stradt Doombringer. Stradt was a former member of the Mandalore's 4th division Neo-Crusaders. It was this group that planted the seed of the Mando'ad ka'rta within Stradt. As much as Stradt would have liked to have stayed with his brother and his division it was not to be. Politics and differing visions of what it meant to be a Mandalore sent Stradt away from the turmoil within Mandalorian to Avance, hopefully or more neutral ground to regroup and take stock of what it was that he sought to attain in life.

When Stradt found himself working with soldiers such as Navik Ikron and Chuck Merell during the formation of The Jensaarai the seed that had been planted blossomed into the idea of Aliit Ky'bris. Stradt reached out to fellow citizens of Avance and taught them about the values he had learned as a Neo-Crusader, a Wraith, and a Soldier of The Jensaarai; in effect making them all his children and educating their minds as Mandalorians. He did these things from Endor, an easily protected and fortified safe harbor within Avance Space. Stradt's next step was to arm and eventually acquire a permanent base of operations.

To that end Stradt assigned various missions to his new-found brothers and sisters; some sought knowledge, others items of interest, some even crafted their first set of armor, and some even retrieved lost designs for forging beskad and cortosis armor and weapons. However the actual production of the armor and weapons would have to wait for the future, when there was leisure to understand the designs and experiment with the new metals. For the present Stradt decided to opt for individualization so long as the armor protected the wearer, and a symbol of Ky'bris was included upon it.

Ba'slan Shev'la

Aliit Ky'bris would continue to operate within Avance until the government's dissolution and merger with the Trade Federation. The clan's actions and feats were sealed by order of Avance, as much of their work penetrated throughout the complex social and hierarchical structure of the independent government. Often though, they could be seen reinforcing Avance military patrols along the edge of the Galaxy's southern border, or guarding the First Chair and his House, Soyak-Ikron.

With the merger to the Trade Federation and its ties to Mandalore through the Galactic Concordiate, Aliit Ky'bris was dissolved by its host government to prevent ideological clashes between the secretive pro-Oryk clan and Mandalore. Members of Ky'bris abandoned their posts overnight, leaving empty homes and idling starships, entering into the Ba'slan Shev'la.


Many Mandalorians of Aliit Ky'bris would not survive the next decade, with many meeting their end in the growing conflicts across the galaxy. Those who did survive would rally under the call of former Aliit'buir Con Semper on Year 21 Day 266. Summoning the survivors to the newly conquered Moon Quantxi, Semper declared that the clan was restored. Moments later they shed the name of Ky'bris——which had too eagerly bound itself to Avance and its downfall——and dubbed themselves Aliit Vhetin, evoking the phrase of Cin Vhetin. A fresh start in the galaxy.

Cuy'val Dar

On the cratered and junk littered surface of Quantxi, the Vhetin were given the honor of training the newly born clone troopers of Ternion, bred from the same template used during the First Galactic Civil War. While never officially taking the name of Cuy'val Dar, there were few Mandalorians living who could claim to have left so much behind in the forgoing of their lives and to have then been thought worthy to train the next generation of soldier in the military ways that had made the first clone army so formidable.

Tolonda Conflict

Accompanying Ternion clones, Altisian Jedi, and a coalition of the Rebellion's best, Aliit Vhetin marched to war in Year 22 against the Sith Imperium of the Tolonda Sector. The clan would form into two strike teams. The first assisting the Jedi's efforts to undermine the financial infrastructure of the Sith by attacking their main resource hubs.

The second assisted Aliit Skarn in their defection from the Imperium and the looting of its military stores. The second strike team would see action on Serroco where three Sith assassination squads had tracked Skarn to his meeting with the Vhetin. The skirmish lasted several days across the planet as the hunters found themselves game to the war-hungry appetites of the combined Aliite. Ensuring that no assassin survived, the second strike team left to merge its efforts with the first until the end of the war.

Battle for Kowak

In Year 22 Aliit'buir Con Semper joined a coalition of Rebel forces led by the Blue Star Dominion to the newly discovered world of Kowak. Fighting alongside Mand'alor Kai Oryk and the Resistance Semper helped to clear numerous sectors during the Battle for Kowak. Often coming under heavy fire upon landing, Semper's actions during the assault on sector Aleph-3 would be captured in the famous holo still which would go on to characterize the war for viewers across the galaxy. The battle would end on day 337 when the Dominion declared the planet firmly under their control after the capture of numerous strategic planetary sectors.


In Year 24, Con Semper engaged in a period of quest for Mandalorian unity, and temporarily bestowed the stewardship of Aliit Vhetin to Magnus Ironside during his absence.

Splinter Group

In Year 25, Havoc Squad, which Ironside was a leading member of, engaged in open aggression against the Jedi Order and the Resistance. Due to Semper's close associations with The Resistance, Ironside, in his role as the acting leader of Aliit Vhetin, announced the formation of a splinter group of the Aliit and revoked the membership of Zal Ragath, Sem Epsum, and Zacros Verite. Ragath, Epsum, and Verite were targeted due to their membership with the Ternion Corps, which was founded by Semper and allied with The Resistance.

Ky'bris Manda


  • Year 10 Day 158 Chuck Merell and Cuius Divinus engage in an epic hunt for an escaped Oskan blood eater.
  • Year 10 Day 173 Kai Oryk and the Mando'ade express a desire to form an alliance with Aliit Ky'bris.
  • Year 14 Day 141 Aliit'buir title is retired and permanently awarded to Lord Ikron, Aliit Ky'bris sponsors Paul Luz's fighter simulation.


  • Year 13 Day 206 The Aliit experiences its first attack on their home soil by a group of renegade's. A group of droids press the attack while in secret a notice is delivered to Al'verde Jaydon that her children have been kidnapped.
  • Year 13 Day 38 The Aliit undertakes its first mission together. They are tasked with discovering the ultimate fate of a Lictor named Aurora.


  • Year 10 Day 165 Navik Ikron pledges the Aliit and his first meson is to research the Mythosaur Axe
  • Year 10 Day 166 Xanyarr Chyakk pledges the Aliit and his first mission is to research the Mando'ade influence on Wookiees.
  • Year 10 Day 166 Jaydon TaVolarian pledges the Aliit and her mission is to recover a crate from Dxun, but she also returns Soth to his brother Stradt.
  • Year 10 Day 169 Zyst Gornuk pledges the Aliit and his mission is to locate a hidden bunker containing the HQ of The Death Watch.
  • Year 10 Day 174 Con Semper pledges the Aliit and his first mission is to hunt the Zakkeg
  • Year 10 Day 175 Zhang Liao pledges the Aliit and his first mission is to research and report on the value of Aliit to the Mandolarian
  • Year 10 Day 176 Kara Ikron pledges the Aliit and her first mission is to retrieve an artifact and return it to her father.
  • Year 10 Day 213 Sosy Sunstriderand Plaeeta Venusera undertakes combat training
  • Year 10 Day 5 Phaerun Quickblade pledges the Aliit and undertakes his first mission to understand conduct research into what it means to be a Mandolarian.
  • Year 10 Day 336 Anarax Lorell pledges the Aliit and undertakes his first mission
  • Year 10 Day 346 Lucian Fidelis pledges the Aliit and his first mission is to add to the clan archives
  • Year 10 Day 351 Danika Solaris pledges the Aliit and begins her training with study of the clan itself and what it's purpose is.
  • Year 10 Day 352 Torryn Teru'Ayarrin pledges the Aliit and undergoes combat training
  • Year 12 Day 183 Shor Urra pledges the Aliit and undertakes his first mission to craft a set of armor for himself.
  • Year 12 Day 212Dinek Komad pledges the Aliit and creates his first set of armor.
  • Year 12 Day 217 Solon Jhee pledges the Aliit and undertakes his first mission, learning to speak the Resol'nare and crafting a set of armor.
  • Year 12 Day 23 Calyxx Zion pledges the Aliit and begins his first test with an interesting encounter with a Boar-wolf pack.
  • Year 13 Day 77 Abyssum Sanguine pledges the Aliit and begins his first mission to recover a spear of some value for Navik.
  • Year 13 Day 350 Raif Starkiller pledges the Aliit and begins his first mission to craft a set of armor for himself.


  • Year 10 Day 333 Revan Starchaser



Verda Warriors

Kyr'adyc Verda (Departed Warriors)