Aliit Opakwa

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Aliit Opakwa
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General Information
Status Active
Leader Nejal K`teefah
Motto Kih'mando'ade, ori'orilin.
Headquarters Kandosii-type Dreadnaught Jar K'osa Opakwa, Tatoo System
Historical Information
Founded Y22 D60
Political Information
Affiliation Jawa Offworld Enterprises
Type Jawalorian Clan - Mandalorian Clan

Aliit Opakwa, or Ayafa Opakwa in Jawa Trade Language, is a Jawalorian/Mandalorian clan based on Tatooine. The clan was founded after the great Jawalorian renaissance of Y22 when Jawakind recognized the unlimited business potential in bounty hunting, in addition to Mandalorian based merchandising. Opakwa adheres to the resol'nare as well as the Canons of Profit. The clan recognizes Nejal K`teefah as Jaw'alor and currently recognizes no Mand'alor.


The clan is led by Nejal K`teefah, who adapted the Mandalorian ways to Jawa business practices after being exposed to many Mando'ade during his galactic travels.

Current Members