Aliit Par'tay'on

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Clan Par'tay'on
General Information
Status Active
Leader James Temar
Historical Information
Founded Year 9 Day 307
Political Information
Affiliation Mandalore
Type Mandalorian Clan
Holosite Clan Par'tay'on Holosite

Clan Overview

- All of the clan members who decide to join the active military join the Navy. Any that join the army, which they view as a less skilled occupation, are no longer considered a part of the clan. Most join StarOps, but some may join CapOps. The members of the clan Par'tay'on are quiet and show very little emotion, and this should be roleplayed as such. The clan symbol is the silhouette outline of a bird in flight (As a child might draw a seagull) and is usually worn in some form on a member's armor or uniform.

- All clan members must have at least above-average in their mechanical skills. StarOps members should have terrific Starfighter Piloting and Gunnery skills. For CapOps, terrific skills are required in whatever specific department is being specialized in. Although not physically strong or stealthy, members of this clan are fairly handy with weapons, and combined with their reflexes, should have above-average in Dexterity. Members usually have a better-than-average education and should have no less than average in their knowledge skills.

Clan History

Sc'h'wing P'sh'yea was one of the original colonists on Mandalore. A loner, he set off on his own just shortly after beginning with Ulyna on the journey to the north, going off alone to live his life in peace. He lived for years in the G'nak Valley of the North until finally, the growing frontier of the main civilization reached him. Deciding to stay in his sparse home, he lived quietly amongst the others, eventually giving offspring to being his clan tradition. His years in solitude and fending for himself matured his reflexes extensively, and his offspring continued this trait. After several more years, he and his clan continued north, where they finally settled at the peak of the Sni'akka Mountain, well away from the frontier. They spent much of their dark hours studying the stars, and as civilization and technology sprung up, the new generations quickly moved into the Naval Forces, their quick reflexes and quiet personalities making StarOps an optimal choice.

Clan Traits

- Clan members are extremely tall, even the women are at least 5'10", and the average is about 6'4". They have dark hair that ranges from very short to shoulder length and have dark eyes, often hazel. They are usually not very physically strong.

- The members are generally withdrawn and stoic, sometimes giving them the false appearance of weakness, often making people think they are easily led. However, when a member of the Par'tay'on is pushed too far, he is easily capable of a strong and suitable reaction.

Clan Totem

The clan totem is Sc'h'wing P'sh'yea one of the original colonists on Mandalore. Clan members follow his path in life of studying the stars in peace and solitude.