Aliit S'badai

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Clan S'badai
General Information
Status Active
Leader Neres Warjan
Historical Information
Founded Year 8 Day 26
Political Information
Affiliation Mandalore
Type Mandalorian Clan
Holosite Clan S'badai Holosite

Clan Overview

- Because of the large game that stalked the valley in which the clan resides, they were quick to become adept with the use of weapons such as spears, and swords. The traditional use of these weapons is still used in hunts, thus a Melee skill of at LEAST above average is required.

- Those who do leave their clan's homeland, have very little 'modern' education. Thus, no clan member should have a knowledge skill exceeding the average. Note that this does not mean they are 'stupid' by any means; in fact, many show a talent for learning things rather quickly.

- Almost all of the few who go to the cities, join the Army as 'grunts'. Their lack of technical training, or modern education makes for a hard time if one wishes to join the Navy, but it takes less than a minute to learn how to pull a blaster's trigger. Because of this, anyone within the clan MUST be in the army, unless they submit a -very- good reason. Note that a few of those who have joined the army achieved rank but at an older age.

- Also, the training in basic courses and hard work that grunts must endure, makes them rather strong. Where others would receive training to become officers, members of clan S'badai gain it through experience. Thus, members should have terrific stamina skills, with their overall strength lying in the above-average area.

- As a member of a family of the S’badai, your name will follow like this: '(Name) (S'badai Familyname)'.

Clan History

The clan of S'badai was originally seven 'families' within one clan who settled along the edges of the desert wasteland of the east. After a couple of centuries, of struggling under the rule of an incompetent family, a revolt from within occurred. The clan split in two, with S'badai being on the revolting side. It, along with its allies lost after a few years of fighting. They were thrown into an exodus away from their former home, deeper into the blazing wastes of the desert.

The first year was the worst, with deaths from malnutrition and diseases brought upon by it. But, as all seemed lost they wondered upon a seemingly untouched valley, the plush green forest fed by an underground river which surfaced and ran through it. The remaining families settled here, taking generations to recover from their losses. During this time, they built up their own community, driven by the thought of revenge against those who had in their minds unjustly driven them from their homes. For generations they prepared, stockpiling food and weapons, eventually, the clan council decided it was time.

They gathered all, young and old, men and women alike, the village warriors trained them in the ways of combat, knowing they would need as many swords in the upcoming battle. Soon, they were ready. After a week of marching, they came upon what appeared to be the remains of the sworn enemies' settlement. All that reminded was half-destroyed stone walls where buildings had sat, beyond that not a trace of those they had been taught to hate remained. Disheartened, they returned home. As the clan council heard of the news, and spread it a state of paranoia began. The clan doubled its warriors, fearing an attack from the unknown force who had destroyed their enemy. For centuries they remained untouched by outside influence, hidden away within the confines of the wasteland.

As Mandalorian society grew, and expanded the clan of S'badai was discovered. They had advanced very little, put into a 'dark age' by their fear of attack. Thought backward, they rejected almost all outside technology, and to this day most of them do. Although, every now and then a S'badai will become intrigued by the tales of the outside of their valley, and will leave his or her clan lands, for the cities. In the past, this action was widely rejected and considered dishonorable. But as the clan's numbers swelled, and their valley was suddenly much smaller than it had seemed, it became encouraged for young people to set out to 'serve Mandalore' as the council put it. The original families are as follows, note these families survive up to the current day;

- Kt'nga - The largest of the families, they are mostly farmers. They produce enough food to feed themselves and the other families, but because of the hard work, only a very few of those old enough are allowed to leave the clan homelands. However, every now and then one will run away in the night, not content with simply farming.

- Vhr'st - The smallest of the families, at all times at least a few are off in various places. Trading the clan's crafts, (which many consider good decorations for quarters) and mined gems in exchange for the needs that the few technologies the council has allowed can be met.

- N'Gral - This family farms also, but not to the same degree as Kt'nga. All of their young people are sent to join the army, and after serving their time they return to serve on their clan's militia. Recently, they have begun to have 'ill' feelings towards Kt'nga members, upset at how few of that family are forced to join the army.

- Yyd'k - A long line of blacksmiths, carpenters, and others of their like. They've understandably pushed for the allowance of more technologies to assist them in their building, and recently have met with success, arguing that the fewer people required for building, the less will be forced to live in the valley. Now, they too are a large 'supplier' of young people for the army.

- L'gyr - For a long time they provided religious guidance for the clan, setting up the various rituals and 'holidays'. For a while now, their focus has been on teaching the children loyalty to Mandalore, and to their fellow Clansmen. Those who do leave to join the army, often become Medics, helping the wounded regain their strength.

- T'kko'n - The only family to venture into the dark jungle of the clan's valley, they are the hunters of the clan. Despite farmers who raise some livestock, they insist it is not enough, and rumors of going as far as to bribe farmers to not raise livestock have surfaced. They by far are the most violent of the clan, using spears, bows, and even clubs of sorts to hunt prey within the jungle. Though, every year the whole clan has a massive feast, celebrating the day they arrived in the valley. The family provides nearly all of the meats for this festival.

- Q'yth - The miners of the clan, the members of this family work the mineral-rich walls of the valley. Unlike the rest of Mandalore, they still cling to their old tradition of pick axes and carts, fearful that their position as miners would be taken by droids. They are also shorter than the other families, but years of working in mines have made them considerably tougher. Note they allow a few young men and women from other families to work with them in the mines, some consider this a good way to prepare for basic training in the Mandalorian Army

Clan Traits

Members of the clan mostly have light hair, either blond or red. Their eyes are the same, with blue or green eyes. Furthermore, clan members range generally from 5'7 to 6'2.

Clan Totem

The totem of the S’badai is unknown but it has been speculated that the circle of life is sacred and clan members devote their lives to ensuring the balance of nature.