Aliit Solus`oya

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Aliit Solus'oya
Aliit Solus`oya2.jpeg
General Information
Status Active
Leader Darren Kardal
Motto "Kot be rekr cuyir o' pe'nar, kot be a vod cuyir o' ha'yr"
Headquarters Deep Space
Historical Information
Founded No historical records survive
Political Information
Affiliation Themselves
Type Mandalorian Clan
"“The strength of the wolf is in the pack, the strength of a Mandalorian is in the Clan.”"
— Aliit Solus'oya motto translated into Basic

Solus'oya is a Mandalorian clan that currently recognizes no Manda'lor.

Clan Overview

Clan History

Formation and Leadership of Kyr'galaar Vhett

Aliit Solus'oya originated from the merger of two Mandalorian clans, Aliit Vhetin and Aliit Rang'pitat. The Aliit'buir of Vhetin, Con Semper, assigned a Mando'ade operative and trader Kyr`galaar Vhett as the go between for the two clans. Through brief but intense negotiations, the Aliit'buire reached an agreement and the clans merged to form Aliit Rang'Vhetin. Due to his instrumental help in merging the clans, the Aliit'buire agreed to allow Kyr`galaar Vhett to form his own sub-clan under the banner of Rang'Vhetin[a] Having brought several new members to the clan, Kyr decided to name his new clan after his newly adopted brother, Kyr`galaar Solus`oya, in the hopes that, should anything happen, Aliit'ika Solus'oya[b] would be left in honorable and capable hands.

Tragically, Vhett's tenure as the Aliit'buir was short lived. While the specific details remain unknown, it is possible that sabotage was involved in Vhett's untimely death, though it could just as easily have been a faulty navi-comp on a purchased X-Ceptor. What is known is, during a trip from the Subpro production hub to the nearby moon of Caross I, the navi-comp aboard Kyr`galaar Vhett's personal X-Ceptor malfunctioned. The altered course sent him careening into the sun with him unable to disconnect the auto-pilot in time to save himself, or his ship.

Leadership of Kyr'galaar Solus'oya

Kyr'galaar Solus'oya was appointed as successor of Vhett in a holomessage left behind when his Aliit'buir died. As the new Aliit'buir of Aliit'ika Solus'oya, Kyr vowed to put the clan and its members above his own recognition. Looking to the other members of the clan, Kyr began setting up stockpiles for his members to make sure they would be cared for in case a similar accident, or even an attack, were to take his life as well. Intending to make good on his predecessor's promises, Kyr then joined Subpro Corporation to help that company increase it's value and its place in the galaxy since some of the company's members happened to be clan members.

As time passed, Rang'Vhetin and Solus'oya began discussions on what could be done for the benefit of its members and to strengthen the clan as a whole. As Aliit'buir of Solus'oya and a member of the Rang'Vhetin High Council, he put his two credits in and agreed that an organization owned and run by the clan may be the most beneficial plan for the clan and its members. Continuing to do his best for Subpro while these discussions continued, he was surprised to be approached to lead this new clan venture. Kyr left Subpro to start Iron Skin Shipyards on Year 12 Day 104.

At an unknown date Aliit'ika Solus'oya transitioned from a sub-clan to a fully independent Mandalorian clan. Now known as Aliit Solus'oya, Kyr continued his work of strengthening clan resources and capabilities.

[a] Now known as Aliit Ky'bris

[b] Aliit'ika designates a subgroup within an existing Mandalorian clan

Clan Philosophy


Aliit Solus'oya is currently not taking any new members


Solus'oya is led by its Aliit'buir, Darren Kardal, who inherited the position from the former Aliit'buir Kyr'galaar Solus'oya.

Preceded By:
Kyr`galaar Solus`oya
Year 19 Day 328
Darren Kardal
Year 19 Day 328
Succeeded By: