Aliit Tr'zch

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Clan Tr'zch
General Information
Status Lost
Historical Information
Founded Year 8 Day 241
Dissolved Year 12 Day 243
Political Information
Affiliation Mandalore
Type Mandalorian Clan
Holosite Clan Tr'zch Holosite

Clan Overview

Virtually lost in history are the members of the Tr'zch clan, only twice have they risen even in namesake for any accomplishment, and each of these times they have disappeared just as suddenly as they appeared. A mystery to be sure, these fishermen of the deep oceans and hunters of the deep forests. Their lineage, lost in the realm of forgetfulness, their curse it would seem in the midst of so many that worship their roots.

The true origin of this clan is much speculated, as is the existence of it as a clan at all. Their own lore states that they came from the sea, and are its children, but this itself is a contradiction to other myths and legends that stand as 'truth'. A contradiction in existence, their more common belief is that they, among all of the other clans, prospered most suitably from their ocean terrain, living off their inventive nature and wits more than brute strength. The other common belief is that they were forest dwellers, and learned to hunt and trap their game while many of the brute force hunters starved for their lack of cunning. Due to this clan's chaotic nature, there have not been clan leaders up to this day but are now emerging as the Tr’zch adapt to their new life among the free people of Mandalore.

Clan History

The Tr’zch brand of chaos generally makes them outcasts from their non-Tr'zch parent's clan, leaving them to be raised either in secret or by their Tr'zch parent. The net result is that the clan lives on, but only in blood, for there truly is no clan in anything other than the teaching from parent to child.

That teaching from parent to child does result in an oddly consistent mentality in all of the Tr'zch, only making them more unified in their chaos. Relying on natural cunning and gifted hands, the Tr'zch are naturally suited technologically, raised to the belief that strength is a tool just as much as any weapon, and the most cunning weapon of all is the mind. With this philosophy, one would expect them to be almost arrogant in their intelligence, but that is far from the truth. For while their cunning and clever minds are their strength in youth and their prime, they are also their greatest weakness as they approach adulthood, and they all know the coming of chaos.

It is said in the legends passed down, that the chaos of the eyes is reflected in the soul. Given turbulent moods and unpredictable shifts in temperament, they suffer from the chaos of their line. The older the Tr'zch, the more pronounced the imbalance and inconsistencies. Eventually, when the Chaos threatens to consume their mind, they will begin intentionally provoking attacks from their companions, driving them away and attempting to force an emotional distance from any that remain close until one of them challenges and puts an end to their approach to madness. The Tr'zch give no reason for this sudden shift of personality, but many that know them realize after the challenge, that it was a merciful death at the hands of a friend rather than the hands of madness, and they died with honor instead of a prisoner of their own mind.

While all these things about madness and cunning seem to point towards self-reliance and solitude, again the Tr'zch are confusing in terms, for while they don't seek out companionship with their own kind, they do seek it in other clans, offering their skills as superior technicians and craftsmen in return for that companionship. Most clans accept them and their oddness, pitying or ignoring them, but all agree that they are frighteningly loyal to what companions they choose. Not the most suitable of warriors, they are capable of fighting and are more than willing to die in defense or in the place of a companion.

History has always shown the naming scheme of the Tr'zch is rather an oddness to itself. Rarely ever will you see a name of a Tr'zch that can actually be pronounced. They hold special significance to their given names, only writing their name without the vowels, creating some confusion and annoyance with a great many people, but such is their way. When forced to write an intelligible name, they will only write part of it. For instance, Malk'xeven would either write his name as Mlk'zvn or Malk, never the full name. To give one your full name is to give them power over you according to their beliefs and to write one full name where anyone can read it is just asking for trouble.

On Year 12 Day 243 Aliit Tr'zch was declared lost by the Mandalore clan council chairman, Grevendar Togl. The clan is to remain lost until at least one former member is present for its reconstitution.

Clan Traits

The only true way to identify a member of this clan is the true dominant mutation of the eyes. Rarely, if ever, does a member of this clan breed with its own kind, but the offspring always have the mismatched eyes of the Tr’zch. The left one is Amethyst, and the right one is Emerald. The tint of the colors may change, from deep amethyst to a pale, from kelly green to jade, but the eyes are always the mark of chaos. Physically they vary in their traits as much as they do in their appearance, the only things remaining constant are their high technology (Above average in the majority of the technological skills, terrific in at least one of them) and relatively high awareness. The T’zch are also known for their self-reliance and solitude.

Clan Totem

The only true totem this clan has is simply Chaos. It gives birth to them, grants them the minds of cunning and hands of ability, then receives them again in the end. It is sometimes said that they were once all sane and a unified clan, but that a single man, going by Chaos, struck the blow to their unity that gave them the freedom to go into that realm that others fear. The cry of Chaos gives them their freedom from fear of all kinds, deep space, the silent ocean, the darkest caves, and even death hold not much more than another mystery from their eternally turbulent minds.