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General Information
Status Active
Leader Kuro Neko
Owner Kuro Neko
Historical Information
Founded Year 1 Day 190
Political Information
Affiliation Neutral
Industry Religion
Holosite Alissma


"X-189, a star system hidden from the galaxy by the Jedi, the Old Republic and even the Empire. A system which until recently appeared on no maps. Why was this system kept hidden from the galaxy for so long? What makes it so dangerous that both the ancient Jedi and the modern Empire sought to keep it isolated? X-189, now known as the Gand system, is home to a powerful religion that if ever left unchecked, threatens to shake the very foundations of galactic civilisation. The inhabitants are mystic Findsmen, powerful Ruetsavii priests, traders and warriors of the mist swept desert plains of planet Gand... Their ways are not like your ways... Their worlds are not like your worlds... Their path is not your like path… Theirs is the one true path... They are the People of the Mists... Join us in our quest for enlightenment in the Mists of Gand... learn our secrets... witness the power of Ara. There is no god but Ara... All will walk his path..."
- Alissma recruitment message

Alissma is a religious Gand group that worships the God Ara. It is currently led by Kuro Neko.


Alissma has always been the religion of the Gand race, since the first primitive insect looked out at the Mists surrounding him and wondered where he came from. The Mists are the embodiment of Ara, the one true God. In ages past, the different tribes had many different names for their God, and many different ways of worshipping Him. When the tribes were united by Kazooryl Tarn, the first Aga T’aarn, the different names and practices became one. The uniting of the tribes on a religious level did not extend to politics, though, and the different tribes of Gand continued to war with one another for many centuries more.

Alissma was introduced to the galaxy, or perhaps it is better to say that the galaxy was introduced to Alissma, a little over a decade ago when the first Imperial ships found the hidden system of X-189, the system now commonly known as Gand. However, even this event did not change the way the tribes reacted to one another, nor did it spread the religion beyond Gand.

It was not until the second Aga T’aarn, Kazak, who was also known as “Gand of Gand” returned to his home planet and found the sad state that his people were in, that Alissma became a name that was heard throughout the galaxy. Kazak brought all of the tribes together in an uneasy truce to work toward the goal of bettering their people and spreading the Word of Ara throughout the galaxy. At the same time, the tribal council of Kaalifs was formed under the leadership of Jander Sunstar, who became the first Kaalif’taa. With the political and religious leaders of Gand working together for a common goal, the Gand people were the strongest they had ever been. During this period, many flocked to Alissma’s promise of a better life, and afterlife, and devoted themselves to the service of Ara. In addition to those that joined Alissma, there were several groups that created alliances with the Gand people, and began basing themselves in the regions of space around Gand. During this time, the prophesised thirteenth tribe of Gand emerged, and Hal Breden was named Kaalif, or chieftain, of this new tribe.

Soon after this, Alissma took the step of closing the Gand system to unregistered traffic. Gand was the first system to become "closed" in this way, an event that is now something of a common practice within the galaxy. That restriction persists to this day, although it is often ignored, especially as it was not enforced for some time. The closing of the system brought Alissma into conflict with the Hapan government, who had managed to lose a Miy’til within the system. Instead of contacting Alissma prior to attempting to recover it, and arranging passage for their ship, Hapes tried to slip a capital ship through the Alissmaic fleet. The incident nearly brought Gand and Hapes to open war, and only extensive diplomatic talks, held in person on board a neutral medical frigate in Gand orbit, prevented this eventuality. While the incident has been forgiven, the arrogance of Hapes in regard to the sovereignty of Gand has never been fully forgotten.

The strength of Alissma under this leadership lasted for several more months, totalling a little over a year, before another vision called Kazak Tarn away from his position. Alissma was left in the care of the Kaalif’taa, Jander Sunstar. However, without a strong, obvious religious leader to hold them together and give them direction, the tribes fell back into their old warring habits, and the unity of the Gand race disappeared.

Upon his return to the galaxy after spending a year and a half beyond the outer rim, Hal Breden found that the strength of Alissma was all but gone, and that Jander was too caught up in trivial inter-tribal matters and politics to deal with intergalactic matters concerning Alissma. While Hal was troubled by this news, he had more important things to deal with immediately following his return, and was not able to spare more than a passing thought for the Gand people. Six months later, when his ship malfunctioned and plunged him into a bizarre situation involving Jedi, Hal was troubled that a powerful and famous Gand such as the Jedi Master, Avatar, had not been recognised as Januwine. With his repaired ship, Hal journeyed immediately to Gand. The questions he asked and the speeches he made on the streets of Ara’Keen had a completely unexpected result: The Gand people began hailing Hal as the religious leader of Gand, and calling him Ruetsavii’taa. With nowhere else to go, and no other business to attend to, Hal reluctantly accepted the title and position, and set to work trying to rebuild the strength that Alissma once had under Kazak Tarn.

Under Hal Breden's leadership Alissma grew and its members spread the word of Ara across the Galaxy. Over time Hal Breden's spiritual link with Ara grew stronger and stronger, but his link with the material world suffered. Seeing that Alissma needed both spiritual and material leadership, Kuro Neko assumed leadership of the material aspects of Alissma and the needs of its followers whilst allowing Hal Breden to remain as the spiritual figurehead. The younger Gand Findsmen of today regard Breden with semi-mythic reverence and whisper that one day he will return to lead them to spread the word of Ara in the final struggle.


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