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Allana Aran-Kutol
Allana Aran.jpg
Biographical Information
Race Nautolan
Homeworld Glee Anselm
Mother Unknown
Father Elm Aran (Adopted)
Spouse Siejo Kutol
Siblings Unknown
Children Calista Marie Kutol (Adopted)
Born Unknown
Physical Description
Gender Female
Height 1.4 meters
Hair Color n/a
Eye Color Black
Political Information
Affiliation Corporate Alliance, Haven Recycling Corporation, Nautolan Society, Tal'ShenAran
Positions Architect
Prior Affiliation Creshaldyne Industries

Allan Aran-Kutol is a Nautolan Female. Married to Siejo Kutol, she is known to be kind, sensitive and a good worker. At a young age she was adopted by Elm Aran and is a prominent member of the Tal'ShenAran Family.



When she wasn't more than 12 or 13 human years, Allana had lost both of her parents in an explosion and a authority figure thought it best for her to go to the local adoption agency.

She was very afraid of the whole process, wanting to go and hide when they told her visitors were coming. Each sentient who visited her were very different from her; most looking for a child of their race. When she met Elm Aran, she instantly had an attachment to him. One of her younger roommates kept saying he looked so strange. He was Arcona, a race she was unfamiliar with at the time and he was dressed in, what she was pretty sure was, a General's pilot uniform. She curtsied politely and that was all it took. He saw something in her that she did not see in herself, and instantly their bond was formed. She would do anything for her father. She just wanted to make him proud.


Elm Aran her adopted father ensured Allana had a good education and trained in man management along with Production skills’ Once trained Allana was set to running some of her fathers Creshaldyne Industries factories and in her spare time trained with him on Star ship piloting which resulted in her delivering Item orders when all the other delivery pilots were busy. It was while on a delivery run that Allana was taken by a pirate by the name of Xabia Dementos and held to ransom. The pirate demanded a very high ransom, a great deal of credits plus the company ship and it's cargo.