Alliance Special Operations

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You may be looking for the group Alliance Special Operations formed in Year 11.

"Xakic Jix grew tired of infighting and erratic political alignments within the Dark Star Hellions. He sought to bring unity and strength to his brothers and sisters in arms through a unilateral focus on the true evil in the galaxy, the Imperial Union. This focus was not shared by all in the Hellions and a schism formed which gave birth to the Alliance Special Operations. Alliance Special Operations (ASO) is comprised of some of the best bounty hunters in the galaxy. This band of mercenaries is largely fielded by, now, rogue members of the Dark Star Hellions. The members of ASO have therefore dedicated their lives to fighting and disrupting those oppressors at any, and all, opportunities. This fight may cost many of them their lives but it is a price they are all willing to pay. Even though the members of ASO are not a recognized partner within the Galactic Alliance they support their objectives in purging the galaxy of the Galactic Empire. While the shadows suited them as saboteurs, assassins and spies for the Hellions to fight this war they will proudly brave the front. They will do everything in its power to bring the fight to the Galactic Empire’s doorstep. No matter the cost ASO will be on the front lines fighting until the galaxy is safe from tyranny and oppression. Alliance Special Operations' sole mission is to make the galaxy a place for all races to feel safe and enjoy a true state of equality."

Alliance Special Operations
General Information
Status Active
Leader Archon Xakic Jix
2IC Commander Seth Haze
Historical Information
Founded Year 15 Day 282
Dissolved Year 16 Day 32
Political Information
Industry Paramilitary