Alliance of Mercenary Consortiums

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Alliance of Mercenary Consortiums
General Information
Status Active
Leader Max Ameeno Baca
2IC Shri Bacca
Historical Information
Founded Year 15 Day 56
Political Information
Industry Mercenaries

Honor. Courage. Loyalty.

To some, these are merely words. To others, they are a way of life. It is through these common beliefs that an alliance was born.

The Alliance of Mercenary Consortiums is a highly trained, veteran group of sentients who live to uphold those ideals. The Consortium is divided into a Commerce and Trade Arm which is chiefly involved in the acquisitions and sales of capital ships; an Industrial Arm which produces armaments and armor for the Consortium’s own Legions as well as for sale throughout the Galaxy; an Exploration and System Acquisitions Arm who’s services are available for hire to clients around the Galaxy; and a Military Arm where the true power of AMC is derived.

Navigating through the treacheries of the Galaxy, the Consortium is a neutral faction loyal to its members and to its word. Security, Exploration and System Acquisition Services are available to interested parties and will be carried out both efficiently and discreetly.

Any sentient looking to join in this alliance is welcome to do so as we welcome both veterans of the Galaxy as well as anyone looking to join our Training Academy.

Fealty with Love, Bravery with Honor, Treachery with Vengeance

These are the words we cherish. These are the words we live by. If you value honor, act with courage and are loyal to your word, join us and attain your true potential.