Alpha Medical Corps

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Alpha Medical Corps
Alpha Banner s.png
General Information
Motto "Using our guts to save yours."
Status Active
Leader Ashura Harma
2IC Galthar Spech
Owner The Avance Coalition
Historical Information
Founded Year 8 Day 100
Political Information
Affiliation The Avance Coalition (neutral)
Industry Medical Service Provider
Holosite Alpha Medical Corps

Alpha Medical Corps (AMC) is a private medical corporation and main health care provider on the planets governed by the Avance Coalition. AMC maintains multiple medical facilities on various planets of the Moddell sector, including rich Alazhi farms and Bacta refinement facilities.


Emergence of the Medical Urgency Extraction Team

After the foundation of the Avance Coalition, the need for a medical organization arose almost instantly as literally millions of refugees fled from all corners of the galaxy to seek safety under the wings of Avance. Many of these travellers had been badly injured during their flight from embattled lands and needed medical attention.

In response, a medical team of like-minded volunteers from within Avance began specializing in Cybernetics, Prosthetics and established a new medical service called the Medical Urgency Extraction Team (MUET) taking it upon themselves to try to fulfill that growing need.

Soon after, they've formed a Minor House of the Avance Coalition (House Asclepius) and constructed several medical facilities in the Modell sector.

Foundation of Alpha Medical Corps

AMC Logo (CGT 10)

Both MUET and House Asclepius struggled coping with the massive need for medications and implants in sterile conditions without having to rely on external – and not always neutral – resources, and came soon to a realization that more could be done to help the people of Avance. A massive fundraiser was organized to support the foundation of an official and well-structured medical corporation. The goal was to cover Avance space quickly, efficiently, and thoroughly, as well as handling true neutral medical care for the rest of the galaxy, wherever and whenever opportunity arose. Thus Alpha Medical Corps emerged from the darkness to bring aid to the downtrodden.

All procedures were performed at cost, but from those who could afford it, donations were generously accepted. These donations were put back into research and development to better aid the people of Avance. This brought about advances in the refinement of Bacta and great new leaps in Nano-Technology, enabling Alpha Medical to create superior products and repair almost any amount of injury sustained, short of death. These sciences enable their practitioners to perform the most delicate procedures in the Galaxy, and make the needed lifelike artificial limbs and organs accessible to all so that patients can go back to their everyday lives happy and complete.

Medical Urgency Extraction Teams continued to bring care to critical patients too injured and delicate to make the trip alive. These teams are comprised of the Galaxy's bravest and most dedicated combat medics ever seen: men and women who enter bloody war zones to save lives, while most sane people flee.

Discovery on Sanyassa

In CGT 9 one of the Medical Urgency Extraction Teams stumbled upon the ruins of ancient medical facilities on Sanyassa, rumored to have been abandoned by Xenologists when the Sanyassan King Tyulkar raided the North. The discovery of these facilities unearthed information thought lost and aided the aspiring doctors to understand where, how, and why some forms of medicine are practiced, further enhancing their now considerable medical skills.

Golden Age of AMC

With the support of the small folk and the growing reputation of the MUET's, Alpha Medical Corps has the capacity to bring in off world doctors and patients. The diversity found within the ranks of Alpha Medical enables these stalwart heroes to cross all barriers, increasing the accessibility of different skills, techniques, technology and physiology of the different races.

Feeling more than fit to the task at hand, Alpha Medical has opened its doors to the Galactic market and considers itself to be in perfect position to excel in the treatment of its valued patients.


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