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Amee Jacen
Biographical Information
Race Corellian
Homeworld Born in Hyperspace
Mother Amella Jacen
Father Jax Jacen
Spouse Single
Siblings Only child
Children "Not on your life"
Born Yes
Quote Wow, Space sure is big
Physical Description
Gender Female
Height A little below average
Coloring It depends on how much time she has had in the sun recently
Eye Color Bright Blue
Political Information
Affiliation Pilot, Prospector, Pretend Princess
Title None yet
Rank Captain of her own destiny
Positions unknown
Prior Affiliation Spectral Services
Awards None


Amee Jacen is slightly shorter than the average Corellian. She has black shoulder length hair and bright blue eyes. She has a habit of wearing a wrinkled unidentifiable uniform when she is working, but has been known to dress up for special occasions. Amee appears friendly and outgoing when around others but is something of a hermit. She can most often be found alone in her ship sightseeing in some distant part of the galaxy.



Early Years Amee Jacen was literally born in hyperspace. Her parents were independent pilots, traversing the galaxy with there run down freighter. She learned to navigate and pilot a ship as a little girl. She had a good life with her family until a incident involving her parents ship and some illegal cargo. Amee was jettisoned in an escape pod while her parents tried to outrun the local government’s cruiser. She watched helpless as their ship was blasted into nothingness.
Barely a teenager, Amee was picked up by a patrol ship and dumped on the nearest planet. Since then she has lived by picking up any job that was available. While cleaning out the waste receptacle for a local restaurant she overheard a pilot talking about how the Invisible army was looking for pilots. Throwing down her toilet brush she made her way to the nearest communications station and with her last credits made the call.

The Invisible Army
the Invisible Army ran Amee through their basic training and finding her already a skilled and experienced pilot, they gave her basic combat training. Seeing her aptitude she was assigned to the the reconnaissance division.
Amee became part of Specter Squad, where she tried her best to fit in with the seasoned veterans. To make up for her somewhat questionable past she worked hard to excel in every area, and eventually proved herself worthy of the trust the IA had put in her. Over the years toghther a close bond developed between the members. A bond that would be tested sooner than any of the members could imagine.



After working and sacrificing long and hard for the Invisible Army, Amee was shocked when the leadership betrayed and left the members of the IA to die at the hands of their enemies. The long range patrols found their ships disabled and life support at a minimum. If not for the camaraderie between the members of the Recon Squads all would have been lost. A few of the members were able to bypass systems and regain communications. A few other members were off duty and managed to capture an antique freighter. Slowly each and every member was rescued from their ships and saved from certain death.

Job Hopping
Seeking some means to keep herself alive Amee joined in with JUGANOTH Mining Corporation as a prospector, hoping that through the solitude this would allow her she would be able to heal from the terrible injustice done by the former employers that she had placed her trust in. So with a prayer that this employer would be more faithful than her last, Amee sets out to try her hand at prospecting. Amee had a good life with Juganoth. She made a lot of money but not many friends so she eventually put in her resignation and started freelance work.

Old Friends
Being a freelance prospector allowed Amee to make enough money to keep her ship (The pursuer of Dreams) running and keep her secret addiction going. But she missed the connectedness and sense of purpose that she had when she was a member of the elite recon squad with the Invisible Army. While never wanting to put herself in a position to be betrayed again she still longed for the comradely that came with being with the best of the best. It was during this time of introspection that Amee was contacted by one of her old teammates and asked to become part of a new organization. Spectral Services Unlimited. It seams that she was not the only one who longed to be part of a unit of seasoned professionals who wanted to be able to put their trust in each other.
Amee joined up with her old squad-mates and a few new faces and had a great time reliving the "old days". For awhile SSU seemed to offer the same excitement of the fellowship of friends and exploring the far reaches of the galaxy. But too many of the older members were gone and those that remained began to retire one by one. The remaining group, unable to sustain itself finally peacefully disbanded.

Alone again, naturally
Amee now travels alone, not daring to trust in anyone anymore. She has collected a few ships that she takes turns with and owns a small tavern in a mining colony. So if you are ever in the Sumitra sector and find that you have a little time on your hands head over to the Boordii system and on the planet Boordii V in the town of Sanctuary you will see a quaint little pub called the Dreamhaven. If you go in tell them Amee sent you and they will do you right. If you happen to see a lonely girl sitting in the corner come over and give her a hug.

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