Amelia Morgenstern

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Amelia Morgenstern
Biographical Information
Race Coruscanti
Homeworld [[]]
Spouse None
Siblings None
Children None
Born Y-9 D 25
Died Year 14 Day 332
Physical Description
Gender Female
Height 1.57 meters
Political Information
Affiliation House Morgenstern
Rank Owner
Prior Affiliation Coruscanti Tech


Amelia is generally contained and extremely laid back around most individuals. She is generally known to have a lack of interest in any general galactic affair and persons. But for those lucky to have earned her trust and friendship she can be seen as a hyperactive and fun individual. Knowing that she still does her best to remain respectful to any figure.

Also a unknown fact to most, she personally will strive at aiding those that are less fortunate with whatever she can be it credits or even her personal time.


The Documented


Amelia Morgenstern was born around Year -9 as a Coruscanti. Soon after her birth, both of her birth parents were forced to give up baby Amelia due to there lack of any source of capital. Amelia was set up for adoption after her parents completed the paperwork and rather quickly was she adopted into the House of Morgenstern, a low but wealthy hapan house. Being adopted into the house she was allowed to be raised moderately wealthy and allowed the chance to be properly educated.

Through out her childhood she proved as a child to be a bit hyperactive, clearly being a annoyance to a few around the house. As she grew older she matured both mentally and physically. Her adolescence days flew by and she was soon considered a young women. At the age of 19 she wanted to learn more about her true origin, her birth parents and Coruscant. Amelia approached her father and discussed with him her interest and he willingly accepted her request. Her father provided her with the necessary supplies and equipment for her to get to the planet Curscant to get in tough with her birth parents.

The Entrepreneur



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