Andre Archer

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Andre Archer
Andre archer warrior.png
Biographical Information
Race Sauvax
Homeworld Leritor
Mother [[]]
Father [[]]
Siblings David Archer, Vexander Archer
Physical Description
Gender Male
Political Information
Affiliation Blue Star Dominion
Prior Affiliation New Republic / The Medical Circle / Guardians of the Whills / DOM Arsenal / -ARK-

Early Life:

Andre was still young at Leritor when the Empire took control of the Planet. His Kuuvan was formed basicaly by pacific miners, who decided not to antagonize the invading forces, served the empire as a workforce to extract as much minerals as possible from the oceans. After years of Empire domination, abusive taxes and deaths, Andre saw his parents taking the lead on a rebellion against the opressor forces. Unfortunately, the pacific sauvaxs didn't stand a change against the technology and military training of the empire forces, so after 2 weeks of confrontation, most of Andre's kuuvan members were dead or imprisioned, his parents among them. The few remaining decided to leave the planet and seek refuge somewhere else. Andre and his brothers David and Vexander took the same path.

Joining the New Republic:

After 3 years travelling around the galaxy, taking small jobs to barely make a living, Andre was recruited to work on a mining operation out of the Ku`Bakai System. Using his previous knowledge of mining he learned from his father, he was able to climb the ranks fast, reaching the leadership fast. His work made the company thrive and grew enough to call the attention of the New Republic Leadership, who invited Andre to join their ranks to help developing their own mining corporation. In a few months and with a lot of hard work and planning, JMC was providing a stellar service to the citizens and supplying important minerals to starship production and planet development.

A journey through the Force with the Guardians of the Whills:

DOM ARSENAL and the Archer family legacy:

The path of the warrior with Blue Star Dominion:

Awards and Medals

Republic Medical Cross

Rimma Star of Service

Hydian Star of Excellence

Operation Chiron

Operation Roid Rage Challenge

Operation Kowak

Positions Held

CEO Offworld Mining Corporation (later merged into Juganoth Mining Corporation)

COO Juganoth Mining Corporation

CEO Juganoth MIning Corporation

Minister of Natural Resources of the New Republic

Minister of State - New Republic

Director of Logistics - The Medical Circle

Architect of the Whills - Guardians of the Whills

Co-founder and CEO - DOM Arsenal

Arbiter - Blue Star Dominion