Andrew Panzer

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Andrew Panzer
Biographical Information
Race Human
Homeworld Tatooine
Clan Aliit D'ael'mor
Mother N/A
Father Lucas (Deceased)
Marital Status N/A
Spouse N/A
Born N/A
Languages Galactic Basic, Mando'a
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height N/A
Hair Color N/A
Eye Color N/A
Political Information
Affiliation Mandalore
Rank Mand'alor
Prior Affiliation Horizon Corporation

Born on the planet Tatooine, Andrew never met his mother because she was killed by Imperial stormtroopers attempting to apprehend a fleeing criminal. His father Lucas was devastated by this and took his young son and left Tatooine in search of a better life. After many years of travel and hauling cargo on his father's freighter, Lucas and Andrew were forced to abandon their home and jobs when the ship was damaged by pirates attacking the station where they were docked. Lucas then joined the Horizon Corporation, where his piloting skills quickly got him promoted to fighter squadron commander. This is where Andrew watched him perish in a failed attempt to disable a CR-90 over Sullust. Andrew was devastated and stole away from the fleet in the family Y-wing that was now his alone.

He traveled for many months, searching for a way to make a living that could help him forget. He traded his Y-wing for a YT-1300 and hauled cargo and passengers for a while. One day his ship's hyperdrive failed and he was stranded in deep space. As the power began to fail and oxygen got low, Andrew contemplated killing himself before suffocating or freezing. But then a very large capital ship appeared outside his ship and tractored his ship inside. As he exited, he was surprised to be surrounded by Mandalorian Warriors. Then a large and imposing man appeared, introducing himself as the Warrior Eminence of Mandalore. It was also a face that Andrew recognized from his days with his father in Horizon Corp., Tyr DeMeer.

He asked Andrew to join him and all the other people of Mandalorian heritage who were about to announce the rebirth of the Mandalorians. Andrew accepted and was given the task of organizing the newly rebuilt Mandalorian Navy. After many successful years of naval growth, he gave up the leadership of the Navy to apply his talents to organizing and leading MandalMotors.

Today, he continues to work throughout Mandalore to improve all aspects of Mandalorian life.