Andromeda Republic

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Andromeda Republic
And Rep.jpg
General Information
Status Active
Leader Samuel Ashen
Members Andromeda Starforge
Andromeda Security Services
Andromeda Salvage and Restorations
Historical Information
Founded Year 12
Political Information
Affiliation Neutral
Type Alliance
Holosite Andromeda Republic

The Beginning

Andromeda Republic started as just a single company; Samuel Ashen's big goal despite few financials to back them.

Andromeda Security

What were about

Here lies the trials and tribulations of the Andromeda Republic!

The Andromeda Republic is made up of three major companies: Andromeda Security, Andromeda Starforge and Andromeda Salvage and Restorations. Andromeda is new to being a provincial government. It has not officially been established but is only a government in name at this time. It is vision of Samuel Ashen to become a government in Essowyn.


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