Andromeda Security Services

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Andromeda Security
General Information
Status Active
Leader Samuel Ashen
Owner Samuel Ashen
Historical Information
Founded Year 11
Political Information
Affiliation Galactic Medical, Andromeda Starforge, Andromeda Salvage and Restorations, Andromeda Republic, Pacnorval Defense Systems
Industry Mercenaries


Once upon a time in a galaxy far, far away there was a group of extraordinary individuals who endured many hardships and deaths. After a meeting of chance these brave sentients decided that they should stick together and use each others skills to forge a better future for them all. They called themselves Andromeda.

In the early days of the groups existance they had very little money and a limited workforce. However they knew that the road to success would be through Industrial power. This inspired them and so by working their hands to the bone and combining their meager capital Andromeda Secutity constructed and soon opened its very first shipyard. This was followed by another and another.

The rapid growth of the groups industrial power had started to attract attention both locally and to the far reaches of the Galaxy. One admirer was a local, but well-known Warlord who was also considered as a respected businessman. Neither were true, its was soon discovered that he was nothing short of a pirate. After a planned meeting turned sour the leader of Andromeda was captured and to be held for ransom by the Warlord. All didn't go as planned for the Warlord though as the security codes had already been transmitted to another member of Andromeda and so the wealth of the group was preserved.

The former leader gave his life so that the wealth of the group could remain, this selfless act has shaped the morals and the ethics of Andromeda.

On Year 12 Day 337, Andromeda Security merged with Confederacy of Independent Systems.