Andromeda Starforge

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Andromeda Starforge
General Information
Status Active
Leader Nikita Koursiva
2IC Pravus Malum
Owner Samuel Ashen
Historical Information
Founded Year 12 Day 33
Political Information
Affiliation Galactic Medical, Andromeda Security Services, Andromeda Salvage Group, Pacnorval Defense Systems, Andromeda Republic
Industry Ship Manufacturer


The Andromeda Star Forge origin is shrouded in mystery. All, but a few technological secrets have been lost to time. The flame of Andromeda cannot be extinguished and so it lives on. Andromeda rise once more to recapture its former glory.

Star Forge has built a new home in Trax sector, home too many private corporations struggling in an unforgiving galaxy.

Having ambitious plans of their own, they begin building an industrial power that has begun to unfold before the galaxy. More and more shipyards large and small have been built within a few months. The new ship yards have been working overtime to mass produce starships for both the military and the civilians. Its purpose is unknown to those but Andromeda Hi command. Deep within the clouds of the gas giant Berebosuil hides the head quarters of Andromeda. It is a floating city that is submerged under a thick layer of shielding. Numerous industrial centers that had previously lain dormant for centuries have awakened as if by command... The newly reformed Andromeda Conglomerate has sent out numerous recruiters from its head quarters. Dispatching them to the depths of space to seek individuals that will join in Andromeda and its destiny!