Andron Industries

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Andron Industries
General Information
Status Inactive
Leader Koran Andron
Owner Koran Andron
Historical Information
Founded Year 14 Day 7
Dissolved Year 14 Day 128
Political Information
Industry Transportation Provider
Holosite Andron Industries

Andron Industries is a transportation company.


Rising from the ashes of Zann Interstellar Co, Andron Industries is a transportation company working to make an impact that extends far beyond simple logistics and starport construction. Founded on day 7 of year 14, AI intends to take the ruins of a failed business venture and turn it into a respected and reliable service for sentients everywhere.

Although the primary function of the company will be providing logistics solution at an affordable budget, several other services are offered at reasonable prices. Simply visit our holosite and if you don’t see it offered, feel free to inquire with us and we’ll find a way to make it happen.

Any sentient applying for employment with Andron Industries will be pleasantly surprised to find that leadership of the company in no way expects you to be chained to the cockpit of your ship or stuck managing some long term building project in the remote reaches of space. We here at AI are looking for independently minded employees who offer unique services to their community and are willing to trade their freelance status for the protective blanket of the organization.

AI is owned by Koran Andron, a simple Selkath trader with a soft spot in his heart for the hard-working freelancers, artists and traders in the galaxy.

Employment Guidelines

Pilots are always welcomed, obviously. As activity with the company is valued, you will be paid on a per-job basis with bonuses for reliability and skill. Any job that we are unable to accommodate will be outsourced to one of our many partners.

Hard-working traders with good reputations and access to goods at fair prices are also encouraged to join. Less than honest employees, however, should be aware that the company will issue arrest warrants for anyone taking advantage of their fellow beings.

That being said, security jobs are also available within the company for just this reason. No one to arrest? Spend your time hunting, or work part-time in whichever freelance job you desire.

Personnel Bonuses

Established members of the company will have access to any privileges they desire. Corporate structure is designated by how active and reliable you prove to be. Traders with a sterling reputation will have their own spending budget assigned. Pilots in good standing can gain ownership of their favorite ship from the company fleet.

Within AI, all things are possible. No request will go ignored for employees in good standing.