Ankh Recycling Enterprises

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Ankh Recycling Enterprises
General Information
Motto "You dream it, we wreck it"
Status Active
Leader Telson Tiki
Owner Sienna Lynn
Headquarters Ankh Capital City
Historical Information
Founded Year 13 Day 201
Dissolved Year 16 Day 90
Political Information
Affiliation Neutral
Industry Recycling
Holosite Ankh Recycling Enterprises

Ankh Recycling Enterprises (ARE) is a recycling company.


Ankh Recycling Enterprises offer the same quality of service to our clients as our parent company, Ankh Biomedical Services. Our experienced staff bring with them a professional dedicated attitude that ensures that the client is treated with Respect, Honesty and attention to detail. Ankh Recycling Enterprises opens it's doors to employees of all races, faiths and political leanings, without bias or discrimination. We are at your service and can provide that service anywhere in the galaxy to fill your need.[1]

On day 90 of Year 16, Ankh Recycling Enterprises was purchased by Dac Kain and was renamed Renew.

On day 161 of Year 18 at 2200 hours, Renew was dissolved due to bankruptcy and stricken from the galactic registry of corporations.

Datacards Owned