Antar 4

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Antar 4
System Prindaar (System)
Sector Inner Cluster
Galactic Coordinates 116, -44
System Coordinates 11, 3
Astrographic Entry Antar 4
Type temperate/breathable
Primary Terrain: Oceans, Grassland
Rotational Period 26 standard hours
Orbital Period 312 local days
Population 170,489
Controlled By Gotal
Sentient Races Gotal Homeworld

Antar 4 is a terrestrial moon that orbits the gas giant Antar. It is the homeworld of the Gotal who were discovered on Year 15, Day 12. The world is approximately 30% grasslands, with the remainder of the world covered by a large ocean. The strip of land is along the equatorial region creating a North Ocean and a South Ocean.

The crust is heavy with metals that create a resonate magnetic field in conjunction with the stars, as such the Gotal developed extraordinary perception to compensate.