Antmuel (System)

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General information
Sector Chopani
Galactic Coordinates (2, 378)
Date of Discovery 17.74 (CGT)
Planets 5
Suns 1
Moons 0
Asteroid Fields 1
Controlled By The Resistance
Astrographic Entry Antmuel

Antmuel is a star system located in the Chopani sector of the Outer Rim Territories. It was discovered on the 74th day of Year 17 (CGT) by Gree reconnaissance teams and colonization was split between the Gree Trade Authority and Mando`ade, both of whom worked to secure the system. On the 244th day of Year 17 (CGT), the Gree Trade Authority released its holdings in the system to The Resistance, with Mando'ade doing the same shortly after.


Planet Position Planetary type Size Population Control
Antmuel I (5, 6) Asteroid field 1x1 3,092 The Resistance
Antmuel II (7, 6) Hot/no Atmosphere 2x2 12,178 The Resistance
Antmuel III (8, 5) Hot/no Atmosphere 2x2 12,178 The Resistance
Antmuel IV (5, 11) Cold/no Atmosphere 3x3 24,361 The Resistance
Antmuel V (11, 8) Hot/no Atmosphere 4x4 41,194 The Resistance
Antmuel VI (13, 2) Temperate/breathable 5x5 1,894,348 The Resistance
Antmuel Prime (6, 5) Star 30x30 n/a n/a