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HomeworldGravlex Med
Average Height4 meters [1]
Skin colorBlue, yellow [1]
Hair colorNone [1]
DistinctionsReptilian, Crested heads [1]
Average lifespan110+ years [1]
Known MembersList of known Anx

The Anx are a bipedal reptilian sentient species hailing from the lush and vibrant world of Gravlex Med. With stout legs and a strong back, the Anx represent rather imposing figures at over twice the height of an average human. These lumbering slow moving beings are warm blooded but maintain an ability to hibernate which was mainly inspired by the extreme seasonal weather changes on their homeworld every several years. An Anx would during the several years that his or her planet was closer to the sun, spend a lot of time fattening up their tails which they commonly used for balance. Over the course of several years, their tails would become a vast reservoir of energy for the near year long cycle of deep winter like seasonal weather. Being warm blooded, while useful for the Anx on their homeworld during the 'middling' years or the years between the hottest and coldest dramatics of their homeworld environment which was brought on by an extreme elliptical around their sun, they would go through a cycle of ceremonial group mating in preparation for the birthing seasons. Their deeply social behavior has enabled them to go from minor tribal people wandering aimlessly across their planet, to a strong technologically adept sentient species known for its medical knowledge and skill. The Anx maintain a deep resounding voice. Their large cone like heads having large cavities allowing for the resonating of vocals which can cross vast distances in the lower frequencies. This basal voice is indicative of their race and they have to usual tone down their vocals in order to socialize with other sentient species. That said they do not mind doing so as they are a relatively passive species. This may have been brought on by the dangers of their climate over that of any predators that may have once existed on their homeworld.