Anzat (planet)

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System Anzat
Sector Maldrood
Galactic Coordinates (307, 118)
System Coordinates (16, 8)
Astrographic Entry Anzat
Type temperate/breathable
Primary Terrain: desert, glacier, cave
Rotational Period
Orbital Period
Population 89,702,693 inhabitants
Controlled By Tresario Star Kingdom
Governor None
Magistrate None
Sentient Races Anzati

Anzat is a Planet located at (307, 118) in the Anzat System in Maldrood. It is considered to be one of the most ancient planets in the Galaxy. As the homeplanet of the Anzati race, and the capital of the Anzatan Commonwealth. As such it is key to the diplomatic, bureaucratic, and social activities of the Commonwealth, despite it being at an economic and industrial disadvantage compared to its neighbors in the system.[1]


Located close to the Outer Rim, Anzat is a desert planet with no bodies of water and is incapable of sustaining outdoor plant life. While the planet is a desert, there are two polar caps of ice on the planet that is melted to give the population water, food is grown in caves and indoors. For generations the planet was only dotted with small settlements due to the nature of the Anzati to leave to search for ‘soup’. However, with so many Anzati leaving the planet, the local government has brought in outsiders, who live alongside the native Anzati population. Now there are sprawling metropolises are present, covering most of the surface, many dotted with temples, residential and recreational complexes.

Discovered during the Great Manifest Period of the Galactic Republic, the world was avoided as its inhabitants fed off the life-forces of other sentients. Early Anzati culture developed around the belief that the omnipresent aurora that flicked across the sky was the combined life forces of their ancestors. Eventually, the idea of the Silent Voices or "soup" evolved, as Force-sensitive would perceive a type of speechless voice when exposed to the aurora.

Discouraging non-Anzati from leaving the platforms, the spaceports were a breeding ground for crime and delinquency as smugglers and other low-life's made their way through the system. The Anzati, on the other hand, made their lives in the tall rocky spires that protruded from the mist shrouded surface. Living in small stone enclosures, many Anzati left the world after their early martial training was complete, making a living in the galaxy as murderers and assassins.