Anzatan Commonwealth

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Anzatan Commonwealth
New Anzat Order Emblem Large.png
Political information
Type of government Absolute Monarchy
Head of State Queen Keishi Miahr
Head-of-Government Chancellor Azarin Isard
Executive branch Privy Council
Legislative branch Privy Council
Judicial branch Privy Council
Affiliation Imperial Union
Societal information
Capital Anzat
Territory Maldrood
Language(s) Galactic Basic, Anzati
Currency Galactic Credit
Historical Information
Date of establishment Year -1 Day -336
Date of dissolution Year 15 Day 222
Status Merged with Tresario Star Kingdom
Holosite Anzatan Commonwealth (Archived)

The Anzatan Commonwealth, formerly known as the New Anzat Order, was a Mid Rim government. It was comprised of a variety of different races, from all corners of the galaxy. The capital city of the government was Nova Anzatia, located on the Commonwealth's capital desert planet of Anzat within the Maldrood Sector. It maintained its independence from galactic conflict for many years, notably signing a Non-Aggression Pact with the Hapes Consortium before conflicts with the Kathol Republic and deception from within caused the Anzati Government to become an Imperial puppet. As it broke away from Imperial rule and transitioned into an absolute monarchy, it remained a sovereign state for several years, before the Tresario-Anzatan Treaty of Unification saw the two governments come together under the banner of the Tresario Star Kingdom. Before its merger with the Tresario Star Kingdom in Year 15, the Anzatan Commonwealth was one of the oldest governments in the galaxy.


The Anzatan Commonwealth was a small government that faced numerous controversies and revolutions in its long history. Although the Commonwealth was primarily based out of the Anzat system in the Maldrood sector from which the Government gets its name, the Commonwealth held several planets in numerous other sectors. Both the Anzati and Siniteen had their homeland under the control of the Anzatan Commonwealth Government before its eventual merger with the Tresario Star Kingdom.

The Anzatan Commonwealth was ruled as an Absolute Monarchy by a King or Queen. Assisting was the second in command, formalized as Chancellor, in addition to a council of advisors known as the Privy Council. Each member of the Privy Council was a leader of their Ministerial department, a Military Leader, or a recognized elder and advisor within the governmental halls. The Commonwealth structure maintained five Ministries within its government. Military Operations, Commerce, Culture, Infrastructure and State.

Before its merger with the Tresario Star Kingdom, the Commonwealth operated five corporations to promote its nationalized interests and bolster infrastructure. These encompassed of Anzatan Resource Extractions, Cerberus Corporation, Outback Industries, Starypan/SunHui Spaceworks and Anzat Medical. Each formalized organization was operated by a President who reported to the Privy Council on all operational matters.


Dunkler Klerus Portrait.jpg
The founder, Dunkler Klerus.

Thousands of years ago, a prophet — Jerriko — created a theocratic state known as the Anzat Order in the Outer Rim. Before the days of the Old Republic, the Anzat Order was the dominant power in the galaxy, and its people were one of the first space-faring races. Through years of space travel, the world of Anzat became a multi-cultural center of the galaxy. The decline of the Anzat Order occurred when its ruling Dynastic Minister was assassinated by the nobility. A civil war ensued; the nobility triumphed. However, they soon became drunk with power, and their rule degenerated into despotism. At last, the Anzati people revolted and overthrew the nobility.


The New Anzat Order (NAO) was founded by President Dunkler Klerus, an Anzati noble. In Year 1 CGT the New Anzat Order, Hapes Consortium, and Falleen Federation under Dunkler, Andrew Starfyre and Tholin Dur`aak respectively worked together in an attempt to form the Tri-Star Alliance which was to be a neutral power bloc to counter the Galactic Empire and Rebel Alliance. Initial discussions were promising, however, once Jessy James succeeded Starfyre due to illness, the new King canceled the Hapes Consortium's involvement in the project, thus withdrawing access to the Nova-class Battle Cruiser to the armada. This domino effect caused the Alliance's plans to fall apart and was cited as one of the reasons Alex Tylger resigned as Prime Minister of the Hapes Consortium later that year. Rumors also ran rife that extremist elements of the anti-Hapan underground sought to ensure the treaty remained dead by orchestrating the assassination of Andrew Starfyre.

After a fruitful beginning, the New Anzat Order declined under a series of corrupt administrators. These administrators — namely Barons Vyk Drago and Arca Fenris — sold its ships, vehicles and cities for personal gain. Piracy ran amuck as security was weakened, and the growing Anzati Military Armada was reduced to almost nothing through their actions. Sickened by their actions, Yarbles, the Minister of Defense of the New Anzat Order,[1] led what is now called the Panaceas Revolution. His revolt culminated in a decisive battle on Year 3 Day 70 and the expulsion of Baron Fenris from power.[1]

Lauded as the champion of the people for his actions against the corrupt regimes, Yarbles became Prime Minister of the New Anzat Order and instituted a collectivist ideology. He rebuilt the Navy and established a housing project for refugees displaced by the Panaceas Revolution. He also began developing the economy of the New Anzat Order through trade negotiations and planetary developments thwarted by the actions of the previous administrations. After various successful implementations of initiatives that saw Anzat grow economically, Prime Minister Yarbles stepped down into retirement, and his protégé Malakai Brooks became leader of the New Anzat Order. Brooks attempted to strengthen the Anzati state and improve its economy, using the structures put in place by his predecessor which ensured the creation of employment opportunities for many of its citizens and ensured that every civil servant was paid a wage, greatly improving the poverty line.

Mid-way through Year 4 CGT, for personal reasons unrelated to his office, Prime Minister Malakai Brooks resigned his position as leader of the New Anzat Order. A younger individual, Camaris sa Vinitta, became the Prime Minister of the New Anzat Order. Known publicly as Sicyon to those within the Government, the Anzati sought to keep his predecessor close, installing Malakai Brooks as Minister of Defence, while Sicyon focused on continuing the planetary growth of the Anzati capital. In additional appointments, Sicyon placed Mon Calamari Tigris Ninx as Minister of State and Diplomacy, while Tara Tylger began a brief tenure as Admiral of the Fleet. Operations continued to strengthen with a strong governmental structure in place, but it just as quickly became undone when the Prime Minister disappeared.

This event led to internal squabbling and bureaucratic red tape with the lines of ascension being unclear. Minister of State Tigris Ninx was strongly supported to be the next Prime Minister, with small pockets of the government seeking to re-instate the ailing Malakai Brooks. After various disagreements on how to proceed, an election saw the Mon Calamari installed as leader. Concurrently, the Galactic Empire was facing an internal crisis of its own, with Emperor Charon overthrown by Sith forces. This revolt by many loyal Charonists saw an influx of experience and talent within the ranks of the New Anzat Order. This saw a bolstering of military fleet personnel, along with the ascension of Jeroen Veers to Minister of Defence. This leadership combatted numerous conflicts with the harassing Horizon Corporation before Prime Minister Ninx departed and Veers took control of Anzat, before the seemingly inevitable return of Malakai Brooks as Prime Minister.

The second tenure of Brooks was minimal. While he was able to stabilize the government after the numerous struggles, his ailing health and increasing age saw him unwilling to compete with the dictatorial, aspiration Admiral Perrin Wolfstar, Brooks chose to resign as Prime Minister and passed the reins over to Admiral Perrin Wolfstar.

Period of Darkness

The reign of Perrin Wolfstar saw many changes; in particular, the end of relations with the Hapes Consortium. The once close governments drifted as Wolfstar's headstrong and brash attitude soured the delegates and leaders of Lorell. This in turn saw the end of the long-standing Non-Aggression Pact between the two neutral governments, and the increase in isolation of the Anzati people to the galaxy. In tandem, Wolfstar's delusion saw fit to commence hostilities with both Nikklon Mining Incorporated and the Galactic Empire. The Dellalt Conflict took place when Wolfstar attempted to annex the Tion Cluster from the established Nikklon Mining Incorporated and its mining operations. Despite no legal basis for the claim, the Prime Minister sought to pressure Nikklon and its leader, Jeff Corbin to succeed the cluster to the Anzatii people and depart its borders, or submit regular raw material tributes to the Anzati government. In response, Nikklon sought aide from the Hapes Consortium, who dispatched diplomatic staff to conduct negotiations, as well as warships to initiate a blockade and protect Nikklon workers who were Hapan citizens from their former ally.

Anzati Moff, Gabriella Storm.

Prime Minister Wolfstar was stubborn and refused to shift his mandate from assimilating the Tion Cluster, despite growing unrest within his borders and the Anzati people. Frustrated by the lack of movement with the negotiations, Hapan delegates urged the Galactic Empire to involve itself to thwart the Anzati expansionist tendencies. Once Imperial forces arrived to support Hapan forces at Dellalt, the Hapans broke their blockade and forced the Anzati forces to retreat from the Tion Cluster. With growing unrest across Anzat, the government faced internal turmoil due to a lack of public trust and the impending threats of the Galactic Empire, Prime Minister Wolfstar believed Imperial forces would offer a different stance if his tenure was brought to a close, and leadership was passed onto Admiral Enzo Delaere to lead the Order after Wolfstar submitted his resignation to the government.

After a short time, it was clear that the former Admiral was not leadership material. His policies failed to recover from the tyranny of Wolfstar before him, and Imperial forces continued to pressure Anzati space. Out of fear or desperation, Prime Minister Delaere sought an audience with Emperor Vodo Bonias to bring an end to the conflict created by his predecessor. As they met aboard the Victory I-class Star Destroyer Iron Fist, a Faustian pact was signed by both parties in a shocking development. Either through fear or ineptitude, Prime Minister Delaere instructed his ministers to succeed all control of Anzati resources and enterprises to the Galactic Empire. However, in a final act of desperation, upon his return to a secluded location, Delaere plundered numerous assets and credit repositories housed off-world, before full control of the once great New Anzat Order was surrendered to the Galactic Empire. Emperor Vodo Bonias installed Princess Gabriella Storm as Moff of Anzat and leader of the New Anzat Order as a puppet Imperial state. Storm brutally subjugated the Anzati people and executed all those who opposed her reign. She also publicly acknowledged the theft of resources by the former Prime Minister and forced an ultimatum on him. While some assets were allegedly returned, Imperials and bounty hunters alike hunted Delaere across the galaxy, with the former Prime Minister never to be seen or heard from again.

The former Black Sun Dark Princess maintained her foot on the throat of the Anzati people in retaliation for her predecessors' actions, however, her reign only lasted twenty-eight days after she was left disgraced when implicated in an Eidolan plot that resulted in the loss of an Imperial Medical Corporation, Drax Industries to private equity holders, and the rumor of her involvement with the death of underworld figure Kulthar Drax. Her role as the Moff of Anzat was terminated, and the Emperor installed a new leader of the puppet government, Vlademar von Ismay III, while Gabriella Storm was rumored to have died soon after on Year 6 Day 177 CGT.

The Ismay Influence

Moff Vlademar von Ismay III, the youngest legitimate son of the late Victor von Ismay ruled with a fair and loyal hand until pushed too far by the Empire. Distrustful of Emperor Vodo Bonias' actions and the direction of his Empire, while also encouraged by his staff and family, Vlademar seceded from the Imperial rule, abandoned the title of Moff and embraced the mantle of Chancellor to once again return the Anzati people to an independent state. His leadership sought to remove the stain of Imperialism from New Anzat Order planets, and re-build the planetary economy, free from reliance on third-party corporations and enterprises outside of the Maldrood sector. Despite the rudimentary success of the government's actions, the familiar traits of deceit and distrust began to sow the seeds of doubt within internal offices. It was soon revealed that, with the alleged support of the Armed Forces and a Senate majority, the Prime Minister was assassinated by Daniel Jade Antaria under orders from Vlademar's brother Wilhelm von Ismay. Wilhelm took the position of Chancellor and began to expand the military and political boundaries of the New Anzat Order. During this period, the Anzati state became closely allied with the Rebel Alliance. Through the growing distrust of House Ismay with the Imperial cause, they sought to strengthen ties with a formidable force to aid in the defense of Anzat if required, relying on other familial ties within the movement, and given the history with previous governments, there were limited options with the capability to stand up to the Galactic Empire.

The fractured House Ismay.

With negotiations ongoing and the economy improving, Wilhelm stepped down from governmental leadership for personal reasons and brother Owen von Ismay was installed under the title of Regent on Year 7 Day 226 CGT. His rule was large uneventful, as he sought to continue the growth he'd commenced in collaboration with his brother after their Imperial succession. Anzati sentiment had greatly improved since the Empire's expulsion, and the poverty line continued to decrease through the various economic expansions. Owen's legacy was to institute the first elections for the leader of the New Anzat Order, which saw the surprise return of his brother Wilhelm to the forefront of the government. In a controversial election where the integrity of the vote and process were repeatedly questioned, with suggestive tampering impacting the results, Owen was ousted from the Regency by his brother and Wilhelm returned as leader of the Order. Ironically, after a period of self-exile, Owen began a career within the New Republic Government, formally known as the Rebel Alliance before its merger with the SoroSuub Corporation.

During Wilhelm's second reign, the New Anzatan Order was subject to numerous controversies. During the early days of Year 8 CGT, tensions between the New Anzat Order and the Kathol Republic were threatening the sovereignty of the Maldrood sector. Kathol space had become a haven for thieves and piracy, while the ruling body had begun to develop greater ties with the Imperial government to help restore order. These negotiations were seen as an opportunity for aspiring Moff Jake Kiltar who attempted a hostile takeover of the Kathol Government and its various resources. Discovered and with negotiations suspended, the Kathol Republic signed a non-aggression pack with the New Anzat Order, while elements within began to seek out a merger with the Krath Dynasty, while followers of Auron Kun sought to form an exodus from the Kathol Republic under the Tamerin Foundation and began secret negotiations with the Anzati government. Wilhelm intervened on behalf of Auron in an attempt to solidify the exodus, which Kathol believed to be a violation of the Non-Aggression Pact. This intervention saw the start of a long war that culminated in a Krath Dynasty victory over the Order on the planet Eldavorn, and Wilhelm reluctantly abandoned control of the planet and signed a ceasefire to end the conflict.

Bitter with the loss of Eldavorn, Wilhelm instructed Anzati Armed Forces to conduct secret military operations against Mandalore [2], in addition to brash coercion of the Trade Federation into diplomatic pacts through blackmail and theft which resulted in drastic action by the Trade Federation to expel Anzati diplomats from the Vinsoth. [3]

Birth of the Commonwealth

Flag of the Anzatan Commonwealth

Near the end of Year 8, many companies that were collectively known as Tamerin Foundation left the Kathol Republic over political differences and moved into the Bortele Cluster. The sector contained the Ingo system, controlled by the New Anzat Order, after a deal was brokered the Tamerin Foundation agreed to become affiliated companies of the New Anzat Order. During their time there, Auron Tamerin devised the plans for the formation of the Anzatan Commonwealth. After lengthy meetings with Wilhelm von Ismay the New Anzat Order changed government into the Anzatan Commonwealth for the first time in its history. The name was changed officially in Year 9 Day 84. Auron was appointed as Prime Minister and the Commonwealth saw the creation of a Parliament with political parties taking up the reigns of legislating future law with the Privy Council taking a step back from that role. The Commonwealth also incorporated extended territory of the systems owned by the Tamerin Foundation and the development of the Ingo system. During this time a construction error made by Kathol Mining Corporation resulted in loss of Commonwealth control of the planet Eldavorn. The Krath Dynasty seized their chance, and captured the planet. Commonwealth holdings on the planet were surrendered as part of a peace agreement which Wilhelm was forced into by his privy council.

Mandalore and the Tion Hegemony were also defeating the Commonwealth through construction in hidden systems in the Maldrood sector, ultimately resulting in the Commonwealth losing the sector. This was followed by a Mandalore press release at the start of Year 9, entitled New Anzat Sector Restoration Announced.


In Year 10 Day 112 it was reported[4] that the former leader of the Anzatan Commonwealth was dead, assassinated by Jedi Master Soki Ionian, resulting in Wilhelm's wife Queen Keishi Miahr assuming power. This coup was supported by all members of high command, ending Wilhelm's rule. Some resistance inside of the Commonwealth by old loyalists remained to the new monarch at first.

Shortly after his death enemies of the Commonwealth re-opened diplomatic discussions. By Year 10 Day 152 it was publicly announced via the Galactic News Service that the Commonwealth was now at peace. Along with the formal declaration of peace and other terms, there was also territory consolidation. The Commonwealth exchanged territory within the Allied Tion sector for the two systems within the Maldrood sector which were used previously to take control of the Maldrood sector, thus securing control of the sector for the Commonwealth.

Those loyal to Wilhelm such as Caitiri (Ja`Brai) von Ismay, wife of then Vigo Owen von Ismay of Black Sun, and Bunres Voflis embezzled funds from Cerberus Corporation and Starypan/SunHui Spaceworks respectively, claiming Government assets for themselves as repayment for unrecorded debts to House Ismay. Caitiri continued her personal campaign against the Anzatan Commonwealth via the Galactic News Service[5][6] and other media before being captured during a violent revolt within Black Sun itself. She was imprisoned on-board a ship owned by Natsuke Haines before ultimately being arrested by Soki Ionian. The Commonwealth released a press release entitled Anzat Apprehends Wanted Criminal. Shortly afterwards the firm Black Star Recycling continued this vendetta. Anzatan Commonwealth Minister of Culture Alexander von Ismay was later caught spying to Black Star Recycling's leader Sirella Corleone, and exiled from the Commonwealth in lieu of arrest in respect for his past contributions. Alexander quickly took up a directorship within Black Star, before moving on and forming his own criminal organisation, the Binaros Smuggling Alliance, which largely fought with the New Republic.

The Deren Strife Incident

On Year 12 Day 144 Commonwealth Citizen Deren Strife was arrested by Chief of State Taka Aioko of the New Republic for the alleged crime of being a member of a Criminal Organisation, he was accused of formerly being an agent of Black Sun and they claimed that he was not active enough to be protected by any diplomatic agreements. The Anzatan Commonwealth claimed even if he was an agent of Black Sun, while within the Anzatan Commonwealth the New Republic's arrest is in violation of the Non-Aggression Pact. As a compromise the Anzatan Commonwealth requested a trial judged by a neutral party, such as Gilbert Taylor of the Triumvirate Coalition however the New Republic refused claiming as a former member of a Criminal Organisation he is not entitled to a trial. As no agreement could be reached the Anzatan Commonwealth cancelled the Non-Aggression Pact. Shortly afterwards the Galactic Empire under the rule of Emperor Cherokee offered an unconditional peace agreement and Non-Aggression Pact which ended the Commonwealths long standing war with the Empire. The New Republic claimed this treaty with the Empire amounted to "Treason" and Anzatan relations with the Galactic Alliance continued to deteriorate. The Anzatan Commonwealth began an increased program of militarisation in order to defend their borders from further New Republic aggression.

The Commonwealth Enters the War

Shortly after the Deren Strife Incident Queen Keishi Miahr decided to take a step back from leadership and appointed Chancellor Azarin Isard leader. On Year 14 Day 184, Chancellor Azarin Isard announced to the Galaxy that the Commonwealth had joined the Imperial Union, joining the Galactic Empire, Black Sun, and the Tresario Star Kingdom in their ongoing struggle against the criminal governments of the Galactic Alliance. This new alliance is ample evidence of just how much Anzatan-Imperial relations have changed for the better in recent years. [7]


In the Commonwealth's later years, it faced internal problems such as declining birth rates and crumbling infrastructure. Faced with growing concerns about a future in which the Commonwealth would be unable to protect its citizens, as well as personal health issues which impacted his continuing ability to lead the Commonwealth, Chancellor Isard reached out to the Commonwealth's prosperous neighbor and ally, the Tresario Star Kingdom. Under the terms of the Tresario-Anzatan Treaty of Unification, the two states would join together to form a new government possessing the long history and proprietary technology of the Commonwealth combined with the wealth and military strength of Tresario. The new government would be headed by Jude Vatz, but key to the treaty was the guarantee that all citizens previously employed by the Anzatan government would retain their jobs or be given equivalent positions within the new administration. While Anzatan diplomats initially suggested a unique name for the new state, King Jude Vatz secured continued existence of the "Tresario Star Kingdom" name by leveraging the greater wealth and more potent military hardware that Tresario brought to the table. The treaty came into effect on Year 15 Day 221.



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