Anzatan Resource Extractions

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Anzatan Resource Extractions
Anzatan Resource Extractions logo.png
General Information
Motto "We stick our tools deeper."
Status Defunct
Leader Althea Keelin
2IC Sydney Von Ismay
Owner Anzatan Commonwealth
Historical Information
Founded Year 6 Day 73
Dissolved Year 15 Day 221
Political Information
Affiliation Anzatan Commonwealth
Industry Mining company
Holosite Holosite

Anzatan Resource Extractions (ARE) is a mining company, that is part of the Anzatan Commonwealth as one of its nationalised corporations. Under the command of the Treasury ARE is the sole supplier of Raw Materials in the Commonwealth. It is based out of the Maldrood and Bortele Cluster sectors and is responsible for the construction and operation of mines, prospecting the Commonwealth's planets and managing the numerous material stockpiles for the Commonwealth.[1]


Once known as Kathol Mining Corporation the company was originally an affiliate of the Kathol Republic. Owned by Ceud who was a senator and leading figure within the Kathol Republic under the leadership of Samuel Vimes it was responsible for all of the mining operations with the Kathol and Churba Sector. When Samuel Vimes left the Kathol Republic after it ran into altercations with the Galactic Empire, ultimately resulting in the Kathol Republic removing itself as a City-State of the Empire, Ceud agreed to hand over 51% of the company to Auron Tamerin who was Samuel Vimes' successor as President of the Kathol Republic.[2]

When Auron stepped down as President he kept Kathol Mining Corporation within his newly founded company, the Tamerin Foundation. Eventually this lead to Kathol Mining Corporation being part of the break-away companies that moved into the Churba Sector, leaving the Kathol Republic with no official mining company. Cued then handed over the 49% of Kathol Mining Corporation stocks he had in his possession to Frezt Raleigh who was the leader of the Kathol Republic prior to its reformation as the Krath Dynasty.[2]

Auron maintained the name as a symbol and remembrance of the Kathol Republic and his tenure as President. He used the company to transform the Ingo system into a vibrant hub of Anzatan needs which eventually lead to initial developments in the Maldrood Sector prior to the death of Auron Tamerin. Along with Outback Industries, Cerberus Corporation and Starypan/SunHui Spaceworks the Kathol Mining Corporation was left to the Anzatan Commonwealth as part of the Tamerin Foundation conglomerate by Auron.[2]

The name was changed as part of an agreement between the Anzatan Commonwealth and the Krath Dynasty, where the Commonwealth agreed to remove all ties to Krath history in return for the remaining 49% of the stocks still retained by Lord Frezt Raleigh.[2]


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