Aperture Intelligence

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Aperture Intelligence
General Information
Status Active
Leader Quentin Quinn
Historical Information
Founded Year 14 Day 260
Dissolved Year 15 Day 154
Political Information
Industry Information

At Aperture Intelligence, we seek to provide you, the consumer, with the information you require, faster and more accurately than anyone else. We are the galaxy's only civilian intelligence agency, and we aim to be better than the biggest governments at collecting the vital information you require.

We employ only crack pilots, flying the fastest ships with the most powerful sensors, to ensure that no part of the galaxy is ever truly in the dark. It is our proud boast, that from the deep space systems that we call home, we can be anywhere in the galaxy in fewer than five standard days.

The next time you require reconnaissance or surveillance, think Aperture Intelligence. Our stringent confidentiality structure means that you can use us with confidence. Only the Director will ever know your name, and records of your involvement will be destroyed upon contract completion.

Let us be your eyes.

See the unseen.