Arakyd Industries (Year 11)

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This article is about the manufacturing company circa Year 11. For its earlier incarnation, see Arakyd Industries (Year 2).
Arakyd Industries
Arakyd Industries Logo Gladio.png
General Information
Status Defunct
Leader Helena Gladio
Owner Helena Gladio
Historical Information
Founded Year 11
Dissolved Year 12 Day 349
Political Information
Affiliation Neutral
Industry Droid Manufacturer
Holosite Arakyd Industries

Arakyd Industries was a successor to the Cron Resurrection and established by the Cron Remnants under its leader, Helena Gladio as the Cron Conflict drew to a close with the successful counterattack of a multi-Government coalition. Arakyd Industries subsequently negotiated an end to hostilities with the Tion Hegemony and gained controlling business interest over the Piluvia System of the Torch Nebula in exchange for the surrender of Cron holdouts in the Tion Cluster. After a year of consolidating control over the Torch Nebula, Arakyd Industries transferred its assets over to its successor, the Torch Nebula Klan and was formally dissolved by its CEO and owner, Helena Gladio.