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Aratech Logo Year 12.png
General Information
Motto "Standing still is moving backwards. Each little improvement is a victory in our vehicle technique!"
Status Active
Leader Ku`Bakai Roche
2IC Torth Ladar
Owner The Antarian Rangers
Historical Information
Founded Year 7 Day 38
Political Information
Affiliation The Antarian Rangers
Industry Vehicle Manufacturer
Holosite Aratech

Aratech is a vehicle production company and is one of the leading corporations in The Antarian Rangers (TAR) conglomerate. Aratech has a unique product portfolio: it is the sole producer of the 008 Heavy Landspeeder, which is by far one of the most powerful vehicles in the galaxy. Additionally the production line is also set to create the Aratech Hunter-class Corvette, which is the largest and most powerful aquatic vessel in the galaxy which is sold to the public.


Company Motto
"Standing still is moving backwards.
Each little improvement is a victory in our vehicle technique!

Aratech: Speed, Maneuverability, Firepower
At the ground, water and in the air... "

Imprinted in the foundation stones of each new factory.

Aratech Motor Works, located in the Xo system of Spinward, is the primary manufacturer of vehicles in the northern reaches of the galaxy. The corporation is a subsidiary of a conglomerate that protects Aratech's factories and guarantees the safety of our tradelanes as well as a ready supply of building materials.

We can afford to mass produce vehicles due to the fact that we are supplied with materials from the affiliated company Outer Rim Excavations, in combination with a large amount of factories. Our production lines are manned by the best technical producers using the finest materials available to sell you high quality products. A team of scientists are constantly working to improve our vehicles.


Year 7

Aratech was founded on Year 7 Day 38 as a nationalized subsidiary of the Invisible Army (IA), a powerful government. They operated under the competent command of the H`nemthean Nomak Drome. For many months the company expanded its persuasive influence on the vehicle market and their ever expanding amount of factories to produce their varied combat vehicles.

Unfortunately this paradise was not to last, after the retirement of Koz as lead of IA the government began to wear away and Aratech was soon sold along with its sister corporation Cybot Galactica, both were bought by the new alliance known as the Sons and Daughters of Freedom. The immediate time following the sale IA’s stability reached breaking point, and break it did, the government descended into anarchy and areas under its control were quickly seized by The 12 Colonies along with various ships and assets. Aratech offered amnesty to any IA members who wanted to take it, but few did, many instead followed their old leader into the darkness of Bounty Hunters Guild. Not stricken by this, Aratech was now under the control of the Mon Calamari Jesfa Ackmin and began the process of re-construction of the business so that it would again be the top vehicle producer in the galaxy. Jesfa Ackmin then sold it to the infamous ranger Rhys Skywalker and has since been in the command of The Antarian Rangers.

Year 8

Aratech prospered within the protectorate, concentrating on optimizing the production line process.

Year 9

After TAR had proclaimed itself the ruling government of Ottega, Aratech received the official status of a nationalized subsidiary and Aratech management staff held seats in TAR administration.

Year 10

Only few sales where done this year. Aratech products still have the status rare and only a handful of exclusive clients where allowed to purchase a limited number of hand crafted vehicles.

Year 11

After internal problems within TAR, Aratech changed ownership and is now privately owned by Daktal Hearst.

Year 12

In the first week of Year 12 Daktal Hearst directs the building of the X7 Factory Station [ARA] Gargantua I, the first space based factory of Aratech. It was dedicated to those members of Aratech, Outer Rim Excavations, and The Antarian Rangers killed by the Black Sun when Jormungand Gand betrayed the Rangers.

In the early part of Year 12, Ku`Bakai Roche joins Aratech along with his friends Valek Press and Lueving Tonato. With their help Daktal Hearst is able to begin to breath new life into Aratech. Towards the later part of Year 12 he makes Ku`Bakai Roche the Vice President of the company and shortly thereafter awards him the Aratech Betterment Medal. Through the help of Ku`Bakai, Valek and Lueving, Aratech, has new factories built and again begins limited sales to the public after a long lapse. Valek spearheaded Project Bongo Sub during this time leading to a very popular selling item.

Year 13

In the first week of the year, Mordred Kah made a generous contribution of a Trading I station which was named [ARA] Trading Outpost I, ID# 5727, just outside the Xo System to the corporation. He also donated 3 Factories to Aratech on Hettitite I within the domain of the Solar Defense Agency.

In the early part of the year talks opened between Aratech and Horizon Tactical Armaments about some cooperation in vehicle production for the coming year. The first of these agreements would allow HTA to build 100 Couriers and 100 Void Spiders for sell on the open market. This agreement would extend to some limited numbers of 008 Heavy Airspeeders as well during early Year 13.

Year 13 Day 185 A new factory has ground broken by Ku`Bakai Roche on Xo I.

Year 13 Day 187 Ku`Bakai Roche does groundbreaking on the Daktal Hearst Vehicle Research Centre. The first built to his knowledge the ground based center located along the oceans of Xo I will provide R&D support for the company for years to come. Named in honor of Aratech leader Daktal Hearst by Ku`Bakai Roche.

Year 13 Day 204 Daktal Hearst appoints Ku`Bakai Roche to the Leadership position within Aratech. Daktal is made second in command.

Year 13 Day 217 Ku`Bakai Roche does groundbreaking on the Xo I Desert Research Centre. Built in the Desert's of Xo I as an additional research center to serve the future of Aratech and the future of the Galaxy.

Year 14

The first of the year after the breakout of the Great Animosity Plague on Derra saw a boom in sales, in the first two weeks of the year pretty much every stock vehicle had sold. Preorders were starting to roll in and datacard sales were picking up. New factories were started in these first two weeks on Xo III to handle new orders, and a deal to build additional factories not far from Xo System were also commissioned. Feelers were sent out to several mining companies to see what materials might could be gotten.

Ku`Bakai Roche would oversee the first production city outside of the Xo system since he took over as leader during the early part of Year 14 when he establishes a production site on Asher I with the blessing of Cybot Galactica. While he was so engaged Torth Ladar and Lueving Tonato helped build additional facilities on Xo I for The Antarian Rangers and Outer Rim Excavations.

Daktal Hearst on Year 14 Day 125 completed the Shipyard II, Gargantua II in the Xo system seeking to expand Aratech's product line in the future, though at least in the near term the ships built will join the Aratech freighter fleet.

On Year 14 Day 128 the Daktal Hearst Vehicle Research Centre experienced its first breakthrough in conjunction with other research centers throughout the galaxy. The result is the new Hover Transport TC9. Head researcher Lothor Lohgun had this to say of the work. "This was a test of the researching networks throughout the galaxy and was a collaborative effort. As such it is a common datacard that all vehicle manufacturers now share. We believe in light of the Great Animosity Plague that the Hover Transport TC9 will be coveted by planetary governments, mercenaries and pirates in the near future. There really is nothing like it on the market until this time."

DC special being run, buy 1 use of the 008 Heavy Landspeeder datacard, get 2 uses of the Hover Transport TC9 datacard for free. Also if you buy 12 uses of the MTV-7 datacard get 1 use of the Hover Transport TC9 datacard for free. Also offering 10% off datacard use purchases with orders of 50 or more uses. Special begins on Year 14 Day 130 and expected to run til the end of the year.

Gargantua II receives its first datacard use assignment from Meteora Enterprises in the form of 5 uses of the Brayl-class bulk freighter datacard on Year 14 Day 30.

After the dissolution of UTS, Aratech took over management of the vehicle factories of Nakesh Alliance Extractions around Year 14 Day 225.

Year 14 Day 355 Ku`Bakai Roche completed a deal with Darian Dash to double Aratech's factory space on Asher I. Although the price was a little higher than average for the market, its convenience to existing Aratech factories made the expansion worthwhile in President Roche's eyes.

In the closing hours of Year 14 Ku`Bakai Roche hammered out a deal with Stephen Garrett of Sunburst Heavy Industries to allow Aratech to expand its production capacity onto Urce IV within Urce Space Sector. Construction is slated to begin in the first month of Year 15.

Year 15

By the close of the 2nd month of Year 15 the Urce IV factories just newly completed are put into action. Flax Kane is the first Aratech employee to actually start the lines on Urce IV prodcuing. Torth Ladar actually built the city on Urce IV for Aratech earlier in Year 15.

Around the same time as Flax is starting the Urce factories Gwazi Magnum piloting the Indefatigable makes the first equipment run to the newly minted Trade Federation market picking up various weapons, armor and tools deemed necessary for Aratech and authorized by Ku`Bakai Roche. Among the acquisitions was a squadron of GAT-12H Skipray Blastboat which Ku`Bakai had been trying to acquire for a year or so and was happy to find for sale on the market.

Rex Rawrlington and Akura Dominar also returned to more active roles around this time looking to help explore and distribute necessary supplies. Zanatsu Kase has been running vehicles to the Asher I facility during the latest missions. Rex would leave Aratech and go to The Antarian Rangers shortly after this mission, along with Scott Price. They had come from there years before and decided they'd like to return.

Aratech took on a large vehicle order of 600 vehicles to be delivered at the end of Year 15 or early Year 16. The order would require all Aratech factories in operation to operate at full capacity for the next 6 months in order to deliver the vehicles on time. It was an ambitious program that would involve many employees including Ku`Bakai Roche, Daktal Hearst, Lueving Tonato, Flax Kane, Torth Ladar, Gwazi Magnum, Zansatsu Kase, and Remar Lovan. It also required cooperation and assistance from Lim Admis of Outer Rim Excavations who helped move some materials and Vip Fortuna who helped in access to ORE materials. Most of the materials were bought from Centrepoint Mining through Kerri Manchester as Outer Rim Excavations had been busing in constructing new facilities and expanding their reach into new sectors.

Year 16

Ku`Bakai Roche delivers the 600 vehicles on Day 13, delivery having been delayed by several days while arranging access to the delivery location. 400 008s and 200 TC9s were delivered to the customer. It was the largest order Aratech had tried in its history.

After the big order Aratech had the first corporate hunt lasting almost 2 weeks. Flax Kane, Gwazi Magnum, Torth Ladar and Ku`Bakai Roche were in attendance for the hunt. Fun was had by all fighting bandits, bantha and the like. The hunt coincided with the companies 9th year in operation.

Upon the end of the Year 16 hunt another order came into Aratech. This one was smaller than the previous order however because of the number of boats and submarines included it would take until the later part of the year to deliver all the ordered vehicles.

On Year 16 Day 243 Torth Ladar opened the first non vehicle lines for Aratech to produce Y-Wings for their sister corps ORE and TAR. Aratech long associated with vehicles was expected to be entering new markets from ships to droids in the near future as government regulation finally abolished decades long restrictions on what a company could produce. Aratech would reach out to Meteora Enterprises, Haor Chall Engineering, and Trilon Inc. to secure new product lines for its factories.

Year 17

A large number of boats were ordered from Aratech at the start of the year. They were delivered to the client during the Second Annual Uli Memorial Swapmeet.

New building program started after a lapse in facility construction in the past year. Torth Ladar was heading up the building division during this stint as he had in Year 15.

Beta Derrik and Natoc Zaza join the team midyear. The two would take over production duties from Torth while he headed up the building division.

Shortly after the Second Annual Uli Memorial Swampmeet the first Barges built by Aratech were sold to BlasTech Industries. Aratech had acquired a few uses in a datacard swap with Ubrikkian Industries earlier in the year.

Aratech also worked to finally have their Headquarters moved from Black Sun space. Alexander von Ismay had been key in reaching a deal that was mutually beneficial to both sides shortly before he was thrown out of the organization.

Aratech was saddened in the last days of Year 17 hearing of the retirement of Master Onasha Katr of the Jedi Order, and the potential death of Jedi Ranger Tommy Decco. CEO Roche was particularly moved by the loss of these good hearted people.

Year 20

Build up continued on Ottunia II.

Year 21

Day 16 saw the New Republic being taken over by elements of the Galactic Empire. As a result datacards assigned to Aratech facilities from Incom Corporation, Ubrikkian Industries, and New Republic were lost to Aratech halting production of Y-Wings, R41s, Luxury Sail Barges, Bantha II Cargo Skiffs, and Cloud Car Combat Speeders. The later three were later released to the public by the Empire on Day 62. Unfortunately due to the laws governing datacards among the galaxy Aratech due to its restricted type datacards cannot at this time claim use of these new generics. Hopefully some sort of arrangement can be worked out.

Day 41 Ku`Bakai Roche returned to active duty after a medical leave from work.

Year 25

Day 91 saw Aratech absorb The Antarian Rangers and Outer Rim Excavations assuming their duties and responsibilities as well. Ku`Bakai Roche oversaw Aratech through the consolidation. When it was done Aratech was renamed The Antarian Rangers as previously agreed. Shortly after this Mador Anami previously the CEO of the now defunct The Antarian Rangers took the CEO position of the combined corporation.


Below is a list of vehicles produced by Aratech. Aratech sells on Centrepoint Market, however it also sells to private buyers who contact and make arrangements. Private buyers not wanting to use Centrepoint Market should contact Daktal Hearst or Ku`Bakai Roche for sales information.


Ground Vehicles

Boats and Submarines


List of Leaders



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